Webinars – magic or a waste of time ?

I enjoy webinars if they are delivered in an engaging way.
But still too often the webinars I have participated in were delivered in the same way as presentations. And therefore all the magic was lost.
It was very difficult during theses classes to listen to the presenter and not to start multitasking.

What was your experience with webinars ?

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2 Responses to “Webinars – magic or a waste of time ?”

  1. briankendrick Says:

    Just employed in a exporting firm last month and my 1st experience at webinar was quiet rusty. I was using http://www.gomeetnow.com for connecting and remote access ( this is an excellent software… ) but for me session ended before even start. See I click the url that was sent to me in the email by my senior. I was asked to enter name and a registration code. Then I got a popped a message that an applet needs to be downloaded to pc in order to participate in the conference. Since there are 12 people in the room then, including my boss, every second seems like an hour. The pc now starts to install the applet. It asks about a certificate, and then cookie and later its – now joining the meeting. Its wait ..wait and finally gota message “Unable to Join Meeting” !!! Horribly funny..

  2. Anita Santiago Says:

    A lack of planning and a monotone speaker can be brutal on a webinar. In the government arena, many agencies are using webinars to reduce the cost of travel associated with training. I think the best webinars are ones where the needs of the audience are the driving force. Good planning, a solid agenda and a person comfortable with the webinar format helps a lot.

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