Seven Great Benefits To Start Your Learning Journal Blog

1. Effective Tool For Self-Reflection
Your Learnign Journal is an effective to tool to support your self-reflection as you go through your learning process. Writing down your thoughts, ideas and open questions about your study topic is an effective way of self-reflection.

2. Good way to explore new aquired knowledge
By formalizing your learning experience you encourage yourself to explore the new aquired knowledge.

3. Powerful Engagement
Your learning journal is an opportunity to engage others in your learning process.
Your teacher, mentor, coach or peers can engage in your learning and find out about your level of understanding of the topic.

4. Contionuous Feedback
Readers of your journal can give you feedback at anytime from anywhere. Readers can point you to new sources, ideas or thoughts. They could also challenge your self-reflection

5. Collaboration
Sharing your learning experience can help you to connect to others on the same learning journey. Collaboration with others can be also a powerful motivational tool to stay focused on your learning path.

6. Building Selfesteem
Self-reflection is a good way to build your self-esteem. Receiving feedback and accepting it is most vital for any team or community you are going to work in or with. Also by giving feedback to other learning journals in a way that will be appreciated by the receiver you build necessary skills to motiviate, influence and guide others.

7. Construct your knowledge by organizing your collected content
With Your Learning Journal you can collect and structure your learning as you go.
It is a good place to store helpful resources and structure them according to your need. Everything about your learning topic is in one place and organized for you in the way you would categorize this topic. This way you continuously construct your knowledge and fill the blank areas as you go.

Cole, Jason: Using Moodle,O’Reilly Media, Inc., 2005

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  1. goolloog Says:

    I here the newcomer. Not absolutely I will understand with topic. Explain, please.

  2. Seven Great Benefits To Start Your Learning Journal Blog | World of Ryan Michael F. Oducado Says:

    […] Seven Great Benefits To Start Your Learning Journal Blog. […]

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