The Key Factors For Successfull Learning

We are raised to take action. We create action list, task list, strategies, To Do lists, and tons of best practices. Nowadays time and sleep are our enemies.

Learning is a journey without an end. Learning is not like constructing a house. Once finished you move in and live happily ever after. Learning needs to be continuously repeated. It is an ongoing process.

In my life and especially in my work life I have designed and implemented many processes and I worked with many systems. During this time I came to favour six sigma as a wonderful way to optimize a process. Six sigma a scientific method to optimize processes.
I do not want to write too much about Six sigma here, but I have added literature and links in my references that will provide you with more insight into the topic. The reason for me to mention six sigma here is the search for the leveraging or key factors that have the greatest influence on the result of the learning process.

Often key factors are overlooked especially if we completly focus on action and task lists. The focus is still for many on the amount of time spent on learning. The more I spent time the more I learn is the current belief. And one does not think about recreation enough. And the main factor for good recreation is sleep. Getting the right sleep is probably the most influencial factor on learning. So how can I improve sleeping is something that I will write about in another post, because I am going to sleep now….

(Also I will add my references later)

Good night.


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One Response to “The Key Factors For Successfull Learning”

  1. guitarman Says:

    your commentary was putting me to sleep, no offence,co i have no doubt that you will have no trouble having no trouble having in your sleep.

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