My ideal training ? – My Life in the era of Web 2.0 Education

If I am in not so goood mood than  I call a one day up to a five day training a shot in the arm. It is a quick fix with happy, tired faces at the end and two days later probably 70% of the aquired knowledge is lost.

How often have I been to trainings where I suffered the death by Power Point Presentations and with little or no real planned networking sessions. Or I have been to trainings with lots of excercises but still when I look back I ask myself how much do I remember and how well did I network with the other participants.

Here today we have now all the possibilities to improve the blend yet these options are hardly used.

Training could be made so much more effective and sustainable if the different methods are used well.

My ideal training consists of face-to-face meeting(s) where the focus is on networking and collaboration and group exercises.

My ideal training also consists of virtual methods that will prepare or follow the face-to-face meetings. For the Presentations I would like to use interactive engaging Webinars.

My ideal training looks at collaboration during the total training phase.

I would like to have a place where the learners connect during the extended training period – such as a virtual classroom management system (e.g. Moodle).
Where they find resources and excercises and where they can start there own learning journal blog. 

My ideal training does not stop here. There should be a non-directive coaching process following the training which will help to sustain and apply the knowledge.

My ideal training is a journey and not a short holiday which connects people with the same learning goals.

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