List of Developmental Assignments 2.0

Developmental Assignments 2.0 

This is one of my favorite topic in development. Seminars, books, self study are not as effective as doing it, trying it out, putting it into action. Developmental assignments are the best way to leverage your development. 

There are plenty of possibilities to choose a developmental assignment for inside or outside of your job or while you are in between jobs. This book lists quite a number of assignments: McCauley, C., Developmental Assignment, ISBN: 1-882197-91-7 

Nowadays a lot of great assignments can be found on the internet. My intention is to collect them here. In order to better group these assignments I have chosen to list them against the MBA Core Curricula’s. I think this offer as good way to identify an assignments that would develop you further in the respective area.Another way to list assignments is against global competencies. Whilst this is an interesting way to structure development assignments yet these competencies vary from company to company.I took this MBA Core Curricula’s from the book “What the best MBAs know”, Edited by Peter Navarro, McGraw Hill 2005, Page 7

I would be happy to receive any suggestions around assignments in the commentary box. Thank you very much for your support in advance.

The list will be continuously updated. 

1. The Strategic and Tactical MBA
1.1 Management Strategy
1) An Archive of successful and failed business plans. (Business Plan Archive)
2) Vote on the best business plan. Get an eye for the winning plan. Another contest where one can vote.
3) Evaluate Business Models or submit your own. Click here to go to the site Ideawicket.
4) Web 2.0: “The next step is to start a planning process with a comprehensive map of your innovation ecosystem that positions your value creation and assesses the interdependencies that will determine the flow of benefits and your ability to capture a share of them. this is not a traditional competitive landscape or value-chain analysis but an analysis of the participants creating knowledge pertinent to your existing and future buiness. While this includes business partners and competitiors, it extends to academia, public research institutes, think tanks, creative communities or communities of practice, and contract research organizations. The map needs to be global and cover all relevant disciplines that intersect with your strategy.”Tapscott,Don; Williams Anthony D.: Wikinomics, Atlantic Books, 2007, Page 277 f.

1.2 Macroeconomics
1) Manage a virtual fund on Marketocracy. More about Maretocracy in wikipedia.It has several benefits to run a fund or participate in a club. It let’s you wear an investor’s head for some time and you need to take the macroeconomical situation into account. This is an interesting assignment for future leaders who will be involved in investor relations or who are going to run a business. 

2. The MBA Toolbox
2.1. Quantative Analysis (Statistics, Decision Analysis, and Modeling) 

2.2 Managerial Economics 

3. The Functional MBA
3.1 Operations Management 
3.2 Marketing
3.2.1 Public Relations
1) Be an editor on the community Digg. More about Digg in wikipedia. An opportunity to see what news in a democratic editorial environment makes it to the top.
2) A longer term assignment is to create your own blog and attract readers to your blog. 3) Colloborative Product Development and Design. CrowdSpirit.
4) A Rapid Prototyping Platform. Create an idea and sell it. Ponoko

3.3 Financial Accounting 

3.4 Managerial Accounting 

3.5 Corporate Finance 

3.6 Information Technology
1) Participate in a crowdsourcing project. Cambrian House. This one is IT related. 
2) Create a mashup. Paul Rademacher (Picture) created the mashup housingmaps. This got him later a job with Google.

4. The Organizational and Leadership MBA
4.1 Organizational Behavior and Leadership
1) Build your own community. Ning is platform where you can create your own social network. More about Ning in wikipedia.
2) Online Brainstorming. Brainreactions.
3)  Participate in a crowdsourcing project where you take the lead or support the leader. 

4.2 Human Resources Management
4.2.1 Learning & Development
1) Deliver Online Training. If there are no opportunities at your current company the option is to teach via the online learning community WiZiQ. You will also need to understand the technology in order to deliver your training. It prepares you to deliver your message to virtual teams and or give virtual presentations or trainings.
2) Career Planning or Planning your Development. The first step is self assessment.Here you find links to free Self-Assessment tools. (for example Myers-Briggs Personality type test) 
3) Leadership Development: “The starting point for any mager is personal use of the new collaborative technologies, preferably in conjunction with a Net Generation youngster. Ask your college student son or daughter to show you Facebook. Join MySpace. Edit a page in Wikipedia. Create a video clip for YouTube. Get a taste for how these open communities work.” Tapscott,Don; Williams Anthony D.: Wikinomics, Atlantic Books, 2007, Page 277.

5. The Political and Regulatory MBA
5.1 Business and Government 

5.2 Corporate Ethics Still verifying:

Second Life. This online game offers interesting opportunities to develop a number of the areas. One could be marketing, but I have not yet looked at it.

I looking for to list other successful collaborative assignments/projects here:
1) is one of my favourite examples. Tapscott,Don; Williams Anthony D.: Wikinomics, Atlantic Books, 2007, Page 185 ff.

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  1. Crowdsourcing in Human Resources « Continuous Learning & Development Says:

    […] D) Workforce: Talent Assessment and Talent Pool and EmployabilityPotential talents could be identified through crowdsourcing projects for example in Commercial, Marketing, Public Affairs or Research & Development . In Commercial future talents could be invited to develop a business plan for a new technology, market, etc. In Public Affairs future talents could work on new campaigns for one of the businesses such as using Web 2.0 channels and tools. In Research & Development future talents could work on new key challenges and develop new solutions. There are a lot of opportunities to engage future talents and thus build a talent pool. There are numerous benefits for the talents as well. The main benefit besides a potential job is experience. In the early 1990s crisis I was representing the Fraunhofer Institute at an education and career fair in Germany. Number of students approached us with their CVs. Of these students who had their diplomas in hand there were a few who had not found a job even two years after graduation. And in these two years some of them had basically not collected any experience be it as an evening class teacher at a local night school or any other job related experiences. Would you hire a person that has two years of missing experiences in his or her CV ? My point here is that these crowdsourcing project would help to increase the employability of participants especially in a recession. With the internet this has become so easy now and shows that the internet is more than a large computer it is a society within the society and opens us to a whole new world to collect needed experiences. Related Post: List of Developmental Assignments 2.0 […]

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