Deliver Training That Sticks and Lasts

Using collaborative activities is one of my favourite tools to make training more engaging and lasting experience.

I found a fantastic example of doing an evaluation of your synchronous training (classroom or virtual) in this post from Elliot Masie.
503 – Oprah e-Learning? Search and Your LMS :
“2. Tips for Trainers: Re-Design the Class Activity: Here is a different way to do an end-of-the-class evaluation. Instead of a smile sheet, ask your learners to, in small groups, re-design the program.  Give them 10 minutes and ask them to do a rapid re-design of the Sequence, Scope and Activities in the class.  You will be pleasantly surprised at the great ideas and rich data that this will yield.”

By engaging the learners at the end of the training this way you can be sure that they retain more from your class than just filling in an evaluation form.

Prior to any of my trainings I like use a short survey to increase the attention level of the participants. An option I use is to ask the major questions that will be addressed during my training and how relevant these questions are for the target group (rate 1 = irrelevant to 5= very relevant). A free survey tool is Kwik Online Surveys. My benefit is that I can better prepare the training for the target group.


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