Top Ten iGoogle gadgets: versus Switzerland (

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Retweet This Page: Somehow I am attracted by the wisdom of the crowds. Those crowds are more intelligent than the indivudual in the crowd. So what better way to find out what smart Gadgets should be in your igoogle pages your personalized Google page is than to have a look at the most used gadgets on iGoogle. Well I could not do this without a comparision between and Switzerland (



Number 10: (
BBC News (1 330 522 users)
Number 10: (Switzerland)
Neue Zuericher Zeitung (NZZ) (17 631)
My comparison comment: Both are serious news sources

Number 9: (
New York Times (NYT) (1 520 525 users)
Number 9: (Switzerland)
Blick-online News (18 470 users)
My comparison comment: Again at another serious news source. Now here in Switzerland it is the colorful daily news with some bikini pictures in it or so.

Number 8: (
Wikipedia (1,862,838 users)
Number 8: (Switzerland)
Wikipedia Suche (22’619 users)
My comparison comment: Surprise, surprise for both the same encyclopedia in their local language.

Number 7: (
Google News (2,297,464 users)
Number 7: (Switzerland)
Date & Time (27’062 users)
My comparison comment: Google news versus showing the date and time. But wait and look at the next numbers.

Number 6: (
Quotes of the day (2,452,622 users)
Number 6: (Switzerland)
20 Minuten | Front (29’255 users)
My comparison comment: Making a smart quote of the day versus having some broad short general news from this free news magazine that you also get for free on the train stations in Switzerland.

Number 5: (
Official YouTube Gadget (4,397,481 users)
Number 5: (Switzerland)
Alle Zisch-Sport-News (60’009 users)
My comparison comment: YouTube videos versus Sport news.

Number 4: (
Movies (4,686,898 users)
Number 4: (Switzerland)
swissinfo – News Frontseite (72’038 users)
My comparison comment: Where to find movies playing near versus news about Switzerland.

Number 3: (
wikiHow – How to of the day (7,597,367 users)
Number 3: (Switzerland)
My comparison comment: How to do things versus what are the latest trends in technology such as eGadgets.

Number 2: ( (7,698,511 users)
Number 2: (Switzerland)
Beobachter 05|08 (77’038 users)
My comparison comment:  The well known CNN news channel versus a consumer advice magazine (something like a how to).

Number 1: (
Date & Time (9,294,244 users)
Number 1: (Switzerland)
PCtipp-News (84’514 users)
My comparison comment: Date & Time is a must versus PC news.

Overall comment: Date & Time for users is top priority. It seems like users have difficulties in remembering what date it is today. This gadget is a must. Also a existing time displays on computers, telephones and watches are not enough. There needs to be a time display in the iGoogle site as well. The date & time gadget made it also to the 7th place in Switzerland. Can we conclude that time is of a lesser importance in Switzerland. Maybe I should try this one and just pick someone from Switzerland randomly from the telephone book and call him to ask the question what time and date is it. The same should I do for English speaking world, probably I would choose the USA and see who cannot answer me this question. What do you think ?

Another surprising finding is that the PC News are top in Switzerland. It looks like the users of are dying to get PC News. Before they worry about the world or the economy or anything else, the PC comes first. There must be so much change around PC technologies that they are utter worried they would miss it. Maybe I should try this and just call and ask what is the latest igoogle gadget that was released. Maybe the swiss would win for example over the USA user ?

Anything around Movies and Videos is definetely something special to the users. To know instantly what movie is playing near me is a must. And not to forget to be able to talk about the top videos on YouTube.

Both user communities seem to be into pragmatism. They all want to know how to do things. How to fill in my tax form, how can I save taxes, make more money, find the best schools, fix my house, fix my car, and so and so on. How to is a big thing.

And the national news. What is probable the CNN to the users that is the swissinfo to the Swiss. So here the users know where their focus is. In Switzerland the swiss news just comes after the PC news and the technology news trend. Once they know what is latest in technology, they want to know what their nation is doing.

What other conclusion could you draw out of this top ten list ? Just leave a comment if you like.

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14 Responses to “Top Ten iGoogle gadgets: versus Switzerland (”

  1. Aliaksandr Isakau Says:

    If you are using iGoogle as a home page, heres great gadget to watch ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, NBC, PBS, Sci-Fi, E!, Discovery Channel, History Channel, VH1, Comedy Central, Speed, USA, ESPN, SPIKE tv shows online, it allows you to fast and easy directly access video sections of your favorite tv sites.

    Here is what you need to do : On your iGoogle home page click on “Add Stuff” link in upper right corner. It will open gadget central and search for “Watch ABC, CBS, CW” to locate that gadget.

    Or if you like an easy way, heres direct link to it on Google .


  2. Alex Says:

    I would like to suggest another gadget:

    there is no need to have several search-gadgets on your page anymore. You have them all in one 😉

    Best thing: if you use the gadget for shopping purposes, money is automatically donated to charity!
    (This does not affect the prices!)

  3. Best igoogle gadgets Series « Continuous Learning & Development Says:

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  4. Abhishek Says:

    try new iGoogle Gadgets…

    Listen to free hindi, English mp3

    Watch Full screen video from Youtube, Dailymotion and metcafe

  5. Luc Says:

    Another cool gadget I like is Meteo-si: Meteo-si shows you the weather conditions (cloud cover, humidity, wind speed and direction, precipitation), temperature, daylight/night time map and weather forecast for the next 72 hours in 3 hour intervals in your favorite places and your friends places. Meteo-si is a Earth map, which, depending on the configuration easily edited in the “edit settings” section, shows a map / satellite / terrain or hybrid photo with the current weather conditions / weather forecasts in the selected place. The map can be zoomed in/out or panned on the desired place, thus making it usable not only for weather, but geographical information and travel planning as well.

    Enjoy =D

  6. Matt Says:

    Hi, I am interested to know the source of your numbers.

    When I look at the gadget pages the numbers seem so low. Like this:
    Official YouTube Gadget 2,143 users

    • ppalme Says:

      Hi Matt,

      These numbers are from the date when the article was written. I have done refresh post on it:
      Top igoogle gadgets revisited.

      Thank you.

      Best regards,


  7. tech gadget Says:

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  9. Vita Oakey Says:

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