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Interesting Free Learning Resources on the Web

April 9, 2008
I will be collecting interesting free learning resources that I find on the web.
Main focus will be on the soft skills.

New: Time Management
If time is well managed and invested it will clear the way for future growth and success.
Professor Randy Pausch gives an overview of the latest techniques around time management and shares his own experience. And he knows what he is speaking about: “According to his doctors, computer science professor Randy Pausch has three to six months to live due to cancer, and in this video lecture he shares his tips for making the most of your time, “the most precious commodity you have.”” Pausch, Randy: Lecture on Time Management, Video, 08 April 2008,

What is the best way to learn from this video ? My recommendation is to write down any idea or technique Professor Randy Pausch is talking about while watching this video. If you do not research has shown that you are very likely to keep only keep 20% of the information received through this video.

Once you have collected all ideas and techniques from this lecture go through the list and define an action to take for each item.  To put your learning into action is key in the retention of this new aquired knowledge. To take action will also support your evaluation of this new knowledge.

Another recommendation is to break actions that would require a few hours into smaller chunks that might only take you a few minutes to do. This avoids pushing the start of the action into the future and maybe never gets started.


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