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High Potentials Survey

August 29, 2008

In this survey I want to find out when companies select High Potentials what are the most likely derailment factors of high potentials and how many leave their company. The survey consists of 15 questions. It takes a few minutes to complete this anonymous survey. Thank you very much for your kind support.

Link to Survey

Link to Results

You are welcome to join the High Potentials Network. This network is for High Potentials (High Flyers), Outperformers who want to become one, managers, supporters (example HR) and service providers for High Potentials. It fills a vacuum as this is a very new field of leadership development. Still lots of experience, knowledge and skills are missing on how to best develop high potentials and ensure they grow well in their companies. The network establishes the platform to collaboratively develp continuously the compenticies for high potentials and their supporters.


Talent Management and Impact on Business Results

August 18, 2008

This is work in progess. In this post I will collect research, quotes and best practices on Talent Management and the impact on business results.



1. Correlation between Integration and Operating Income Growth. Reference: CedarCrestone study in Integrated Talent Management: Extending the Value of a Strategic Framework, Oracle White Paper, March 2008, page 11 About the CedarCrestone study click here.

1a. “Ed Lawler and Susan Mohrman of the Center for Effective Organizations at the University of Southern California recently completed an intensive study of management practices in Fortune 1000 companies. Their study demonstrates that employee-involvement practices such as information sharing, skills training, rewards programs, and empowerment efforts — all of which fall squarely into HR’s domain — show a significant bottom-line return. In 1999, companies that were big users of employee-involvement practices boasted a 66 percent higher return on sales, a 20 percent higher return on assets, a 20 percent higher return on investment, and a 13 percent higher return on equity, USC investigators report.” Reference: Caudron, Shari: How HR Drives Profit

1b. “….various studies have shown that 15 to 30 percent of the total value of a company can be correlated to specific human capital practices” Reference: Caudron, Shari: How HR Drives Profit

2. “Companies with high scores across the board (Talent Management Practices) were more likely to have strong financial performance, based on reported change in operating profits between 2003 and 2006.” Reference: Talent Management: How to Invest in Your Workforce. A study by IBM and HCI (Human Capital Institute) in BusinessWeek, August 13 2008

3. “In fact, Bersin & Associates has identified the Top 22 processes (out of 62 studied) that drive highest levels of business impact. These include coaching; development-based performance management; the use of strategic competencies in recruiting, performance management and leadership development; implementation of skills and competency-based workforce planning; and creating personnel and organizational goals that align with current and strategic business goals.” Reference: Levensaler, Leighanne Integrating Talent Management Systems Strategically on TM, February 2008. “The three functional areas driving highest impact are performance management (34% improvement), competency management (31% improvement), and sourcing and recruiting (27% improvement).” Reference: Corporate talent management challenges include shortage of managers, engineers and salespeople, says Bersin, May 2007. Impact on the evolution of theHR Function the Talent Management Top Process see Reference: Bersin Blog.

4. “Research demonstrates that companies with enlightened talent management policies have higher returns on sales, investments, assets and equity (Caudron, 2001).”

Reference: Integrated Talent Management

5. Talent Managment is now Everybody’s business

6. Performance 2.0: Empowering the Next Level of Business Results. Reference: Taleo

7. The New Frontier of Human Capital Measurement: Reference found on BlogERP: Jim Holincheck’s HCM Software Blog.


Conference Board Study Reinforces How HR Strategies Can Drive Positive Outcomes

A small but growing number of major organizations are demonstrating the impact HR policies can have in meeting overall business goals, says The Conference Board in a soon-to-be-published report. Organizations such as Hewlett-Packard, Capital One, and Harvard University are using evidence-based approaches to Human Resources to show how company-aligned HR practices help them achieve business performance goals. The data are most welcome by every executive seeking to document the contribution of Strategic HR.” Reference

9. Europe Study: HR is Driving Business Performance with Talent Management

10. “A survey of 3,000 International Association for Human Resource Information Management (IHRIM) members and Knowledge Infusion clients’ in HR management revealed an explosive growth in talent management initiatives in their organizations. The 2006 Talent Management Survey, conducted jointly by IHRIM and Knowledge Infusion, found that 77 percent of survey respondents see talent management increasing in importance during the next three years.” Reference

11. “In the current skills drought, retaining and managing talented employees is crucial, but as two recent surveys revealed, very few companies have the processes in place to handle this effectively.” Reference

12. “High quality sales people and sales leaders require exemplary sales talent management practices, which require strong partnerships between sales and HR. In early 2008, DDI surveyed 297 sales and HR leaders to find out just how well the partnership between these two functions is working. Seventy-nine percent of these leaders hold mid- to senior-level positions, providing a unique perspective of challenges at the strategic level.”  Reference

13. “For the past several years, researchers at Watson Wyatt have been developing what they call the Human Capital Index. The Human Capital Index (HCI) seeks to measure the impact of human capital management (HCM) practices on shareholder value. This research is based on a survey of over 100 questions relating to HCM practices, distributed to more than 750 companies in the US, Canada and Europe. ” Reference 

14. “The Business Case for Human Capital Management: This white paper explains how a comprehensive human capital management HCM program differs from conventional HR functions. It argues that an HCM program that’s integrated with your business strategies can help HR managers: Improve workforce performance Focus on more strategic functions such as talent management and… ” Reference

15.” Research by consultancy Development Dimensions International and the Economist Intelligence Unit has concluded that half of business leaders feel their organisations are only sub-par when it comes to developing leaders, with a similar proportion believing they are poor or, at best, only fair at identifying talent.” Reference

16. Performance & Talentmanagement Trend Survey 2007. Reference.

17. Mark Huselid: SHRM Empirical Study “This table provides a summary and comparison of 158 empirical studies linking HRM systems with firm performance published between 1995 and 2003.  Included in the table are the citation, level of analysis, sample, HPWS indicator, performance indicator, presence of main effect, presence of interaction, and effect size.” Reference

18. The Talent Economy Blog from HCI

19. “The Building the Talented Organisation survey found that while almost three-quarters (73%) of respondents believed their company had an appropriate talent strategy in place, more than half (55%) said they had not seen it reflected in the decisions made by front-line leaders.” Reference

20. “Although McKinsey surveys show that business leaders around the world are deeply concerned about the intensifying competition for talent, few companies make it an integral part of a long-term business strategy, and many even try to raise their short-term earnings by cutting talent-development expenditures. “ Reference

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Losing weight with the iPhone – seven good advices

August 9, 2008

Advice 1: Pedometer
We all know by now that losing weight not just starts with a diet but needs to be accompanied by exercise. David Heber one of the nutrition experts I follow recommends to use a pedometer to count the movement and calculate the energy consumption. You can turn your iPhone into a pedometer.
In the iPhone App Store there are 4 Pedometer applications listed:
– Pedometer from Luminant Software for USD 4.99
– Distance Meter from Future Apps INc. for USD 2.99
– Steps from Edovia Inc. for USD 1.99
– Stride from Dramatic Technologies for USD 1.99

If you have used one of those applications already please leave a comment. I will start using these applications and will later share my experience with these applications. In the coming weeks I will be updating this post.

Advice 2: Work Out in a Fitness Studio
I found a very interesting advice on how the iPhone will support your work out. Read more in the post:
The iPhone-Powered Handheld Workout Reference.

Advice 3:
I follow a mix of the meditarian, chinese (5 Elements) and color diet. The color diet was developed by David Heber. In Google Docs I have set up a permanent shopping list. The list was built on the shopping list that I found in the book: “What Color is Your Diet ? by David Heber, page 126 ff.  When we go shopping we use the iPhone to open our permanent shopping list in Google Docs.  We use Google to leverage collaboration in our family. I have written a post about it: My New Work-Life Balance with iGoogle.

Advice 4: Calory Usage tracking
In the App Store you will find a tool to track your calory consumption. This is a good way to start your diet with an analysis of your daily calory intake.
– CaloryGuard from Falko Buttler for USD 3.99
I have no personal experience with this tool yet. In the coming weeks I will be continuously updating this post as learn more and more about these tools.

Advice 5: Weight Tracker
There are two tools that you can install on your iPhone to track your weight to record your weight.
– Weight Tracker from the Foundation HealthCare Net which is free
– FatWatch from Benjamin Ragheb for USD 9.99
I have not used any of the tools yet. Please me a comment if you had used this tools in the past. Thank you.

Advice 6: Weight-Charter
Another Application for your iPhone in the App Store: It is a diet and exercise program.
– Weight-Charter from e-Agent for USD 4.99
Again I have not used myself yet. In the next weeks I will be updating this post.

Advice 7: CalorieCheck
This is an application in the App Store which gives you detailed nutritional information for over seven thousand foods.
– CalorieCheck from John Moffett for USD 0.99

Top Ten iGoogle Gadgets revisited

August 5, 2008

igoogle Group

I have written about the top most iGoogle gadgets in a previous post (March, 20, 2008). Now I want to see if the wisdom of the crowd has changed since the economy has taken a dive.

Number 10: (
New: Wikipedia (1,862,838 users) lost users and down from 8. Users: 1 619 271
BBC News (1 330 522 users) not in the top ten despite an increase of users. Now at: 1 439 107.
Number 10: (Switzerland)
New: Google Mail (22 371 users)
Neue Zuericher Zeitung (NZZ) (17 631) moved up to 8.

Number 9: (
New: Google News (2,297,464 users) with less users (1 730 273) down from 7.
New York Times (NYT) (1 520 525 users) lost the spot in the top ten. Number of Users decreased to 1 181 752.
Number 9: (Switzerland)
New: Google News Schweiz (22 763)
Blick-online News (18 470 users) out of the top ten with 11 810 users.

Number 8: (
New: Quotes of the day (2,452,622 users) now with 1 752 946 users down from 6.
Wikipedia (1,862,838 users) moved to 10.
Number 8: (Switzerland)
New: Neue Zuericher Zeitung (NZZ) (17 631) up from 10 with 30 901 users.
Wikipedia Suche (22’619 users) dropped out of the top ten. Now with only 6 690 users.
(Biggest looser)

Number 7: (
New: Google Calendar (2 677 073 users)
Google News (2,297,464 users) now at 9.
Number 7: (Switzerland)
Date & Time (27’062 users) gained users: 38 760

Number 6: (
New: Official YouTube Gadget (4,397,481 users) with 9 840 054 users down from five.
Quotes of the day (2,452,622 users) now at 8.
Number 6: (Switzerland)
New: Alle Zisch-Sport-News (60’009 users) down from five with less users: 42 215
20 Minuten | Front (29’255 users) not anymore in the top ten. Number of users dropped to 18 097.

Number 5: (
New: Movies (4,686,898 users) down from 4 but with 10 119 330 (biggest relative gain of the top ten gadgets)
Official YouTube Gadget (4,397,481 users) now at number 6.
Number 5: (Switzerland)
New: with 49 961 users.
Alle Zisch-Sport-News (60’009 users) moved to 6.

Number 4: (
New: wikiHow – How to of the day (7,597,367 users) now with 11 876 948 users down from three.
Movies (4,686,898 users) now in fifth place.
Number 4: (Switzerland)
New: Beobachter 05|08 (77’038 users) down from 2 to 51 330 users.
swissinfo – News Frontseite (72’038 users) now in second spot.

Number 3: (
New: (7,698,511 users) now has 11 974 543 users.
wikiHow – How to of the day (7,597,367 users) at 4.
Number 3: (Switzerland)
New: PCtipp-News (84’514 users) lost users. Now at 56 825. at number 5.

Number 2: (
New: Date & Time (9,294,244 users) has 12 872 637 users. (7,698,511 users) now in third spot.
Number 2: (Switzerland)
New: Swissinfo (72’038 users) moved up from rank 4 while users decreased to 69 654.
Beobachter 05|08 (77’038 users) moved to 4.

Number 1: (
New: Weather (14 953 508 users)
Date & Time (9,294,244 users) now at Second spot.
Number 1: (Switzerland)
Wetter (95 404)
PCtipp-News (84’514 users) now in third place.

Weather made it to the top in both countries. Now that people are selling SUVs and bying bicycles instead or walking or using public transport instead of the car, weather forecast is the must have gadget, right ? .
Movies and Videos were the biggest gainers in the US. The interest in News from New York Times, BBC and Google News dropped. Or have the New York Times Readers switched to Twitter ? (Leave me a comment please). Only CNN was able to attract more users. Why ? And new in the top ten is the iGoogle gadget – Google Calendar and Weather. A decrease in users saw the gadget Quote of the Day . 
The Gadgets ranking from 2-6 stayed in the same order as last time but gained a lot of new users.

Swiss people are less interested in PC News these days- PC News dropped from top spot to third place . Are they all switching to the new iPhone or did they have to sell their computer to pay the mortgage ? Please leave a comment.
New in the top ten is weather, Google Mail and Google News Schweiz in Switzerland.

When it comes to the usage of iGoogle Gadget than we have a different situation in the US versus Switzerland. The number of users of the top ten iGoogle gadgets have increased in the US since March 20th from 43 138 472 million to 79 416 583 million. In Switzerland the number of users just went up from 458 597 to 480 184.  Any Swiss reading this article please let me know why you are not so fond of iGoogle gadgets ? Or have you convereted to the US gadgets ?

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