Losing weight with the iPhone – seven good advices

Advice 1: Pedometer
We all know by now that losing weight not just starts with a diet but needs to be accompanied by exercise. David Heber one of the nutrition experts I follow recommends to use a pedometer to count the movement and calculate the energy consumption. You can turn your iPhone into a pedometer.
In the iPhone App Store there are 4 Pedometer applications listed:
– Pedometer from Luminant Software for USD 4.99
– Distance Meter from Future Apps INc. for USD 2.99
– Steps from Edovia Inc. for USD 1.99
– Stride from Dramatic Technologies for USD 1.99

If you have used one of those applications already please leave a comment. I will start using these applications and will later share my experience with these applications. In the coming weeks I will be updating this post.

Advice 2: Work Out in a Fitness Studio
I found a very interesting advice on how the iPhone will support your work out. Read more in the post:
The iPhone-Powered Handheld Workout Reference.

Advice 3:
I follow a mix of the meditarian, chinese (5 Elements) and color diet. The color diet was developed by David Heber. In Google Docs I have set up a permanent shopping list. The list was built on the shopping list that I found in the book: “What Color is Your Diet ? by David Heber, page 126 ff.  When we go shopping we use the iPhone to open our permanent shopping list in Google Docs.  We use Google to leverage collaboration in our family. I have written a post about it: My New Work-Life Balance with iGoogle.

Advice 4: Calory Usage tracking
In the App Store you will find a tool to track your calory consumption. This is a good way to start your diet with an analysis of your daily calory intake.
– CaloryGuard from BlueBamboo.de Falko Buttler for USD 3.99
I have no personal experience with this tool yet. In the coming weeks I will be continuously updating this post as learn more and more about these tools.

Advice 5: Weight Tracker
There are two tools that you can install on your iPhone to track your weight to record your weight.
– Weight Tracker from the Foundation HealthCare Net which is free
– FatWatch from Benjamin Ragheb for USD 9.99
I have not used any of the tools yet. Please me a comment if you had used this tools in the past. Thank you.

Advice 6: Weight-Charter
Another Application for your iPhone in the App Store: It is a diet and exercise program.
– Weight-Charter from e-Agent for USD 4.99
Again I have not used myself yet. In the next weeks I will be updating this post.

Advice 7: CalorieCheck
This is an application in the App Store which gives you detailed nutritional information for over seven thousand foods.
– CalorieCheck from John Moffett for USD 0.99


2 Responses to “Losing weight with the iPhone – seven good advices”

  1. Brent Thompson Says:

    It’s “Losing” Weight…

  2. Benjamin Ragheb Says:

    Hey, I’m the author of FatWatch, thanks for the mention! If you have any questions about it, don’t hesitate to write.

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