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Talent Management of High Potentials – First Trends

October 31, 2008

Here are the first results taken from my High Potential Survey.

Some interesting findings:
86% who answered to the survey work in a company where a High Potential Pool already exists.

64 % who filled out the survey were High Potentials if they knew about it. Still 30% of the companies in this survey will not inform their employees once they are
identified. The majority of High Potentials are between 1 to 3 years with the company (50%) and
30 to 35 years old (39%) when they are selcted.

Managing this talent pool is a challenge. More than 10% of the High Potentials group will leave in the majority of cases (59%) the company. 41% of companies manage to keep the attrtion rate below 10%.
The main reason for leaving is the lack of opportunity (77%). About 12% who leave have actually failed to deliver on their status.

What are the main derailment factors ?
1. Not adapting to new role 
2. Not meeting targets
3. Not developing continuously
4. Inability to manage cross functional teams
5. Difficulties to manage teams

What are the least likely factors ?
1. As a female having children
2. Authorative Management Style
3. Not Networking outside the Company
4. Risk Taking
5. Working less than Fulltime

Only 73% who replied to the survey work under a CEO whom they judge being a High Performer.
What are there current role models ?
1. Steve Jobs, Apple (3 replies)
2. Paul Polman, Unilever (2 replies)
3- CEOs from different contintents with only one reply each
One astonishing reply was Southwest Airlines. Here a whole organisation instead of a CEO was mentioned as a role model of High Performance.

This was now a quick summary of the first trends that came out of the survey. Further results could be analyzed by looking at the number of employees in the company or the span of control of a supervisor in a company and how this will impact the derailment factors of High Potentials or on the attrition rate of these talents. Also it would be interesting to see where the difference is between Southwest Airlines and survey results related to Steve Jobs or Paul Polmann or Anand Mahindra, Mahindra & Mahindra for example.

So far I had 44 replies. To get a better picture I would encourage you to either fill out the survey or send it to other interested people. Thank you.


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