Top Eight Linkedin Learning Resources

To rely only on the Linkedin Help is not enough. To be successful with Linkedin further learning resources need to be consulted.
But first you need to know what you want to use linkedin for.
Getting hired through linked requires a differnet approach than to building your business relations.

1) The Unofficial LinkedIn User’s Guide for Executives and Professionals.
This is so valuable insight. After reading these articles on Global Human Resources Capital Journal you know how to turn linkedin into a goldmine for yourself.

2) How to makeover your Linkedin Profile
This is a must read article. Very visually explained how to makeover your profile. If you want to shine on Linkedin this is the place to start.

3) The must read book on Linkedin is:
I am on Linkedin, now what ???? 
And the blog

4)  The blog of Guy Kawasaki and you can follow him on twitter

5) The unofficial guide to everything linkedin

6) Search Optimization (SEO): Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile
How to be found on LinkedIn – what can you improve in your profile – excellent article.

7 ) Do you need to explain Linkedin to others ?
This video on Youtube will help:

8 ) What does Ron Bates the most connected person on Linkedin have to say about Linkedin.

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