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It depends first of all on what you want to learn.  There are plenty gadgets for language learning, gadgets on learning how to learn, how to use sign language, how stuff works, ….

For languages there are plenty of gadgets to support your learning.

To learn new vocabulary in different languaes there are a number of gadgets:
Dictionary Search + Word of the Day + Flashcards
English Vocabulary: Learn Words Gadget

Russian - Audio Word of the Day
Other languages: Russian, Chinese, Spanish, French, Arabic, German and many more languages.

Multi-Language Word Of The Day
If you want to learn the word of the day in 16 languages at the same time in just one gadget here you go geek.

To improve your existing English vocabulary, there are five gadgets that
Sameer Khan listed and describes in more detail in the blog post: “Best igoogle gadgets to improve your  english vocabulary“. These gadets are Word of the Day, Word of the Day, Gre Word of the Day, Match Up (word game) and Spelling Bee (word game).

To practice your understanding of English there is a series of English
Test gadgets:

English Irregular Verbs - 1 Test
Irregular Verbs 1, Irregular Verbs 2, Irregular Verbs 3

Word Groups

Male and Female Word

English Activities
Silent letters 1, Silent letters 2

Fruits and Vegetables

Memory Test for Kids

To practice English Business Listening skills there is Business English pod gadget.

And for all those who ever want to practice the difference between American and British English here it is:
American-British English Test 1

American-British English Test 2



Learn to SignIf you want to learn the sign language:
Learn to Sign

Further there is a gadget on Project Management and how stuff works.

Additionally have a look at the very interesting paper on how iGoogle gadgets can be used to build a collaborative learning environment.

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    To record lessons at school I use this tool:
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