How attractive is my Linkedin Profile – The Benchmark Study

Retweet This Page: Did you ever wanted to know how attractive your profile is compared to others. Here is the opportunity for you to do an anonymous benchmark against other linkedin profiles.

Please fill out these 6 questions anonymous survey.

After filling in the survey you will see the overall results and can benchmark your data against it. You will see for example if you appear in more or less search results than the average linkedin profile, etc.

Request the Benchmark Study
In this study you will find out:
What will be the impact of having more connections ?
How many views does an average linkedin profile get ?
The study will be send out on September 15th 2009 ?
How many searches do you have to appear in to receive more than 40 calls from recruiters in 6 months ?
Plus how to optimize your Linkedin SEO ?

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One Response to “How attractive is my Linkedin Profile – The Benchmark Study”

  1. Life Resource Planning System « Continuous Learning & Development Says:

    […] One way to learn is to benchmark against others – I created an example around Linkedin: How attractive is my Linkedin Profile – The Benchmark Study ? You could benchmark your energy costs or benchmark other information where you profit from sharing […]

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