Best ways to learn to live a mobile connected life

How to get the most out of my time while mobile ? How to be more effective in the knowledge driven economy and maintain a healthy work-life balance ? How to best collaborate with my wife, family and friends and my professional networks ?

The centerpiece of my collaborative platform is the iPhone 3G.

I spent quite a bit of time driving, so basically in the first phase of my learning is the main focus on how to best collaborate and being effective while driving.

So far I have come with a list of tasks:

1)  Receive Calls: I use the the Sony Ericsson HCB-108 Bluetooth Car Handsfree (Silver)

2) Make calls through voice dialing

3) View Calendar and enter dates through Speech Control of the iphone Calendar. I would also need a larger display to view my calendar.

4) Navigation: Use the iphone and a larger display to have a navigation system available. Preferable connected with Google Maps.

5) Weather Forecasting: So I know what the situation will be in the next hours while driving

6) As I need several devices I will need a recharger for these devices.

7) Listen to music, live sports events, radio  and podcasts (example ) via iPhone and my car radio. Here I am looking at Griffin iTrip Auto FM Transmitter and Auto Charger for iPod (Black)

8 ) Receive the latest traffic data

9) Maintain common to do and shopping lists

As I am passionate about collective, collaborative and continuous learning I would appreciate any comments on what you would use the iPhone during driving to be more effective or what devices or software you would recommend to use to support the tasks listed above.


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One Response to “Best ways to learn to live a mobile connected life”

  1. Patrick Johansen Says:

    I find that the maps app that comes with the phone is fantastic. It integrates with the contacts program that comes with the phone. You can go to your contact, tap twice on the address and the map pops up. Then hit directions then route, and it plots the route from where you are or an additional address to the contact address. It tracks where you are and shows you in relation to the target.

    The NOTES or Calendar programs that come with the phone would work good for your task list depending on your needs. It would be good if the calendar also integrated with the contacts and map program, but it doesnt.

    I would also like to know answers to the other questions you asked.

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