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Examples of continuous, collaborative and collective Learning

November 12, 2009

1) Weight Watchers: Peer learning & support to a sustainable change of eating behaviour.
Probably one of most difficult learning endeavours is to change one’s eating behaviour
When Jean Nidetch in 1961 at the age of 38 went on a diet sponsored bz the New York City Department of Health she lost 20 pounds within 10 weeks, but also started to lose her motivation to continue. Only after she realized that what she needed was to talk to someone she had the inspiration to bring the diet program to her friends’ livnig rooms in Queens. They started to loose weith together. These meeting eventually turned into Weight Watchers one of the most widely recognized and effective weight-loss programs.
Reference: Feruzzi, Keith: Who’s got your back

2) Diversity of thinking: Game Show Who Wants to be a Millionaire
In this TV show the contestants are asked multiple choice questions with four answer options. The contestants have three jokers to work with: a) two choices of answers removed b) call a friend c) poll the audience. After analyzing the TV shows polling the audience led to a 91% chance to get the right answer versus calling a friend with 65% chance to get the right answer.
Reference: Surowiecki, James: The Wisdom of Crowds

3) Collective and collaborative informal learning: Interesting Example from Nucor

Summary: One of Nucor’s unit faced quality issues with the parts they produced. Supervisors would
bring this faulty part to the workers responsible and tell them how to improve. No sustainable change was observed, morale was down. The new leader of the unit Ken Iverson instead would collect all the faulty parts and in display those at the center of the foundry. About six weeks later the quality improved as employees had gathered around the parts and discussed among them how to improve the quality. It was a self directed collective and collaborative learning.

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