Linked:HR EMEA network meeting in Cologne, Germany, 22. September 2011

The topic for this Networking Exchange is:  
HR Professional Development and HR job markets in EMEA and using Linkedin as HR Professionals

What is the current situation, what are the trends in the HR job markets in EMEA, what could be the next step(s) in your HR professional development….

We will be discussing in small groups and exchange with subject matter experts on Thursday, 22.09.2011 from 9:00 am – 12:00 noon in the Cologne Exhibition center. Location.

The participation and entry to the exhibition center is free of charge. At the same time the Professional Learning Europe PLE 2011 will take place from 20.09-22.09.2011.

Registration to event:
If you would like to join please register either via Linkedin, via Doodle or via Google Forms (only visible to organizer).

For participants arriving the day before, we could meet up in the evening. The place would still need to be decided.
Leave your name here.


3 Responses to “Linked:HR EMEA network meeting in Cologne, Germany, 22. September 2011”

  1. Gerard Sipkens Says:

    Sounds interesting to attend.

  2. Sigal Eyal Says:

    Sounds very interesting to attend. I may also want to talk/ present Working as a remote HR , or virtual HR teams

  3. mangalnis@nuoc hoa duoc ua chuong nhat Says:

    Sounds is very interesting and amazing. Must attend it.

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