Is Linkedin helping you to find the next job or is it still a wishful thinking ?

I am asking myself this question after I have run some surveys. When I asked for the key purpose for being in Linkedin 38% wanted to attract a new job where 37% are there for networking. Link to survey.

When I asked the question on where you found your current job – dating back not more than three years: Link to survey.

53% found it through job search online (company website, job sites)

23% through professional networking (professional groups, colleagues)

and the rest through other classical channels.

What surprised me the most that none really none had attracted a new job via Linkedin.

What could be the reason ? Any success stories on your side that you can share ?

I read so much about strategies to find a new job via Linkedin and great advice but it seems the reality still looks different.

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One Response to “Is Linkedin helping you to find the next job or is it still a wishful thinking ?”

  1. R.Ravi Kumar Says:

    I endorse your findings. The experience is no different among most of my professional pals registered on Linkedin. I consider this site no more than a networking forum for business and corporate pros. Job avenues do get advertised from time to time, though I dont think members look or perceive such ads to be the primary source for the best jobs. Even professional contributions directed towards enhancing knowledge and awareness for Individual and Organisational Development purposes are limited.

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