Learning in the cloud – learning from the cloud

Ever heard of cloudcourse ? It is an “open source” LMS from Google just released last year.

If you ever look for an interim LMS solution this might be worth a try.

More about cloudcourse: http://code.google.com/p/cloudcourse/

And here are two live demo:
https:// shiksha101.appspot.com

This most “famous” demo is currently not working:

The company cloudsource created the app “Course Director LMS” based on cloudcourse.
Two month free trial: More here

There is also a google group on cloudcourse.


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2 Responses to “Learning in the cloud – learning from the cloud”

  1. oliviabusta Says:

    Coudcourse also seems like a great way to contribute to knowledge management in an organization!

  2. CourseDirector (@CourseDirector1) Says:

    Thanks for the mention of CourseDirector, the leading Google Apps LMS. Our marketplace listing is here: http://goo.gl/Kdoz5

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