Continuous Social Learning Journeys – the new way to effective, efficient and free or cost efficient Learning and Education

I am exited by the potential of social learning.

First of all I have seen many examples where a group of learners is smarter about the topic to study than just the teacher alone.
Social learning also accelerates the personal learning and is more effective than self study alone. And it makes learning more sustainable.
If used with Web2.0 it can be turned into a continuous learning journey, where each learner can stay on the learning journey as long until the personal learning goal is reached. On top it is a highly flexible learning, where participants spend the time they can invest during the days, weeks, months as they wish.

I am just testing such a social learning environment in a free course on Linkedin Profile Best Practice at
This also offers me a practical way to learn and study more about social learning environments and journeys. It gives me first hand insight about learners using it and what works best and what does not.

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