The Top Most Viewed Linkedin Profiles

Approximately 2 Millionen Users just received a message from Linkedin with the name and the message: “Your Name, congratulations! You have one of the top 1% most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012.” And probably you have seen messages on Twitter or Linkedin like: “Hurray! I Have One of the Top 1% most vied LinkedIn Profiles.”

If you want to know who are the top 10 Most Viewed Profiles on Linkedin – see List below.

There is one golden rule for views on Linkedin: The more views a profile gets the more likely this profile will generate a so called lead. A lead could be a proposal for a job, a proposal for a business or a partnership, or a new network contact that can open new doors, or an invitation to an event to present on your topic, etc. …

If you would like to get a feel who these top profiles are that made it into the Top 1% Most Viewed Profiles on Linkedin in 2012, I have compiled a list in slideshare presentation:
The top most viewed profiles on linkedin

I have created a Linkedin Benchmark survey with two questions to get a better feel how many views Your Linkedin Profile has compared to other Profile:
The Linkedin Profile Views Benchmark Survey

The Top 10 List of the Most Viewed Profiles on Linkedin:

1) Barack Obama: Current President of the United States of America.
526 270 Views in 2012. Reference

2) Wayne Breitbarth: Bestselling author, trainer and speaker on using Linkedin

3) Reid Hoffman: Co-founder of Linkedin

4) JD Gershbein: Expert on Social Branding for Linkedin Profiles

5) Jeff Weiner: CEO at Linkedin

6) Tim O’Reilly: Adviser at Code for Amercia

7) M. Taner Aktas: One of the top connected people on Linkedin and the first in the top 10 from outside the USA – he is from Turkey

8) Mike O’Neill: Speaker and Corporate B2B Linkedin Sales Trainer

9) Viveka von Rosen: Author of Wiley’s “Linkedin Marketing: Hour a Day”

10) Greig Wells: Jobsearch Sites

Further well-known Linkedin Users who are not in the top ten

11) Jason Alba: Author of “I’m on Linkedin – Now what”

88) Darren Rowse: Famous Blogger

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