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What are the fastest ways to learn Chinese Characters ?

May 27, 2013

Study in Writing
As long as you do not read or write Chinese, the language itself is fairly easy to learn even for an adult . But to master reading and writing this will usually take even  the majority of children in china at least the first 5 years of schooling taught in the traditional ways.

The only way to to acclerate the process especially as an adult learner is first and foremost to use an association based memory approach to learn and second to focus.

I have created an example here:

Speed Learning Chinese in 5 Minutes – The Fastest Way to Learn 3% of All Chinese Characters in Any Text Used

The above examples starts with the most easiest Characters to learn and uses mnemonics tricks and association to build in a very short time the vocabulary and confidence in the learner. In incremental steps the learner will be lead towards first words and sentences as well as the basic grammar ( work is still in progress).

Chinese Learning Five Elements

Chinese Learning Five Elements

I will be using the five elements approach. 1. 36 strokes that 2. make up 214 radicals 3. which form all the Chinese Characters that 4. bring about all the words and 5. are formed into meaning by grammar. I will use a spiral approach. Learn the key strokes that form the main radicals which are used in the most used Chinese Characters that make up the most frequent words which bring about meaning through the most fundamental grammar. With each loop through the five elements you will come closer and closer to mastery while being fully engaged with the beauty of a purennon-judgemental  mind. Having fun learning without feeling the pain of learning.

I am about to compile all the resources that a learner will need to build in a very short time the foundation of the association based memory approach. With this foundation the learner is capable to easy self-study and guess each new chinese characters he or she will encounter.

Let’s start with the lists (work in progess) :

What are the common strokes used (calligraphy) ?
The CJKV System from East Asia (36 Strokes)

What are the most used Chinese Radicals ?
The 214 Radicals with English Translation
A fun way to learn the radicals
Radicals Position in Characters Explained
Kangxi Chinese Radicals System

What are the most used Chinese Characters ?

What are the most used Chinese Words ?
List of the most common used chinese words with stroke order
Core 100 List with sound file for pronounciation and pictures to help memorization.

What are the most used Chinese Sentences ?

Further Reading:
The Fastest and Easiest Way to Learn Chinese Characters – How to Really Use Mnemonics For Learning Chinese

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