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Is Overcoming Change Resistance Really the Key in Change Management?

August 22, 2013

Lately I was even more involved in Change Management than usual. But the more I am involved in it the more I doubt the current focus.

Over the last 20 years the main item “we” talked about was how to overcome the change inertia, the resistance, how to create a burning platform, how to communicate to resistant people in the organization and how to get them to embrace the change ?

But just take an example from private life.
How many people with a burning platform about their current weight fail in dieting ?
According to statistics up to 90% of the personal weight change management initiatives eventually fail.

 Recently I came about a 3 years study on Change which sheds a new light on change management:

The Research Study
On the Outs: Learning Styles, Resistance to Change, and Teacher Retention (2009)

This study included 237 elementary and middle school teachers and the change was about implementing an intensive school wide technology and media integration model in schools  .

MBTI (Myers Brigg Type Indicator) was used to identify the Learning Style of the teacher and Oreg’s RTC (Resistance to Change) Scale was used to measure the Change Resistance of the individual before the start of the change initiative.

Impact on Retention: It was not the resistance to change that was key in teachers attrition but instead their Learning Style was the key indicator. Teachers with the ST (Sensing-Thinking) learning style were three times more likely to leave their schools compared to teacher with other learning styles.

How to address the challenge of Sensing Thinking (ST) Individuals in Change see the full research paper (second link below).

Please find more detail on the research here:

The full research paper is here:

Would love to hear your thoughts.


How to Connect Microsoft Lync and Skype

August 19, 2013
Microsoft Lync to Skype

Connect and make calls between Microsoft Lync and Skpye

1. Get a free email adress at if you do not have one.

2. Go to Skype and start a new account with your new email address. Skype will ask you later in the registration process if you want to merge your old Skype account with the new one. This way you keep your contacts.

3. In Skype do a contact search with the email address that you use to sign into your Microsoft Lync Account and connect.

4. In Microsoft Lnyc accept the invitation from Skype.

Now you can call from Lync to Skype or from Skype to Lync.

Further Reading on how to avoid telephone and roaming fees:
How to avoid data roaming and roaming fees ? Mobile Wlan Hotspot devices (router/smartphones/…)

See also: List of settings for different countries to surf over data networks with your smartphone

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How to Buy a Prepaid Sim Card for Internet Access at the Copenhagen Airport !

August 8, 2013

Copenhagen airport
Picture by brewbooks

Once you are through the beggage claim and customs look for a WHSmith Bookstore.

I bought my sim card in the terminal 3 of the Copenhagen airport.
WHSmith Travel Ltd – Phone:+45 3248 3182

I did not have to show a passport or any other identification document.

The sim card is from and costs 25 DKK (Danish Crones) –
approximately 4.5 USD and is valid for 6 months.

I use an inexpensive Huawei Vodafone 858 Android phone. This phone is my mobile wifi hot spot for my iphone. More details here and how to configure the android phone:

Once I entered the lebara sim card in my huaweiphone a few minutes later I was able to make phone calls.

The end to end process to get access to the internet is more complex:

1. Call lebara Customer Service at 50 10 10 10
2.Then listen at least 30 seconds to Danish. If you here press 2 for English press 2 🙂
The voice will turn to English.
3. If it says setup internet press this number. I think it is Option 2.
If the minimum amount on your sim card is below 25 DKK ( Danish Crones) you need to do some steps (see below).
4. You will be told to go to internet page (which is an oxymoron at this stage (catch 22) .
These APN (AccessPointName) Settings have worked for me:
Name: Lebara internet
APN: internet
Proxy: <Not set>
Port: <Not set>
Username: <Not set>
Password:<Not set>
Server:<Not set>
MMSC:<Not set>
MMS proxy:<Not set>
MCC: 238
MNC: 02
Authentication type: none
APN type: default

5. Set up the Access Point Name as described in Step 4.
6. Swith off the android phone
7. Wait for 5 Minutes
8. Switch your android phone on.
9. Enter 0000

The Extra Steps which I found out after several calls to the customer service and wating at minimum 15 minutes to have a support agent on the phone. Once you reach one they are very helpful.

1. Go to WHSmith Bookshop and ask for lebara top up for 100 DKK (Danish Krona) if you want to telephone calls and internet or for a top up of 50 DKK if you only want to use internet (1GB Data). You also can get a top up of your lebara card at the 7-11 Stores (one is on the way from terminal 3 to terminal 2) at the copenhagen airport.

2. You will receive a pieces of paper with the heading Vaerdibevis and a logo of lebara mobile on it. In paragraph 2 or call it item 5 you will find a few English words. It says: For English: Call 50101234. Press 3. then 2.
It took several calls to lebara customer services until I worked this very brief guidance correctly.
3. Dial 50101234 and listen for a minimum of 35 to 55 seconds to the danish text. Do nothing while you listen. Then press 3 and listen again to some danish for 10 to 15 seconds and then press 2.
4. Hang up
5. Call again the number 50101234 and now the text will be in English. Follow the instruction:
6. I think to top up the amount of your card you need to press 2.
7. You need to enter an 8 digit code that you find under the logo of lebara mobile- look for the word KODE
Enter the 8 digit number and press hashtag #.
8. Enter a 6 digit number which is next to the 8 digit Code Number and press the hashtag #.
9. Now follow the instructions from the End to End process above from Step 1 Call the Customer Service Lebara line…..

Hope this guide was helpful.

Facetime iPhone:

I use the android phone as a mobile wifi hotspot for my iPhone. It was no problem to have a facetime call with my family at home  with iPhone connected to the android phone and the android phone send the data over a 3G connection.

Buy your lebara sim card at
If you want to have your sim card before arriving in Copenhagen you can order the lebara sim card at
Lebara SIM Card (Denmark)

Detailed Step by Step Guide on how to setup your Android Phone to access the internet:
How to avoid data roaming and roaming fees ? Mobile Wlan Hotspot devices (router/smartphones/…)

See also: List of settings for different countries to surf over data networks with your smartphone

How to buy a prepaid sim card a pay as you go PAYG sim card for internet access at London Heathrow airport or London City Airport^:

With the Kindle on the Beach – This is the Future

August 6, 2013
Kindle on the Beach

Reading the Kindle on the Beach

No problem reading books on the kindle (Kindle Paperwhite, 6″ High Resolution Display with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi
) even in the sun on the beach. Try to do this with an ipad.
It is lighter than a book and whenever I finish a book I just switch on my inexpensive Huawei Vodafone Android Phone ( Huawei U8160 Vodafone VF858 Android Unlocked ) with
a local prepaid sim card and use this phone as the wifi hotspot for my kindle.
This way I can load new books and not having to leave the beach.
The picture was taken on the island of Sardinia (Italy).
The prepaid sim card costs 25 Euro (Vodafone) is valid for 1 month and allows for 3 GB Data transfer.
If I use my iphone from Switzerland I would have to pay 3000 CHF (2400 Euro) in roaming fees.

Huawei Vodafone Android

Huawei Vodafone Android

Detailed Step by Step Guide on how to setup your Android Phone to access the internet:
How to avoid data roaming and roaming fees ? Mobile Wlan Hotspot devices (router/smartphones/…)

See also: List of settings for different countries to surf over data networks with your smartphone

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