With the Kindle on the Beach – This is the Future

Kindle on the Beach

Reading the Kindle on the Beach

No problem reading books on the kindle (Kindle Paperwhite, 6″ High Resolution Display with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi
) even in the sun on the beach. Try to do this with an ipad.
It is lighter than a book and whenever I finish a book I just switch on my inexpensive Huawei Vodafone Android Phone ( Huawei U8160 Vodafone VF858 Android Unlocked ) with
a local prepaid sim card and use this phone as the wifi hotspot for my kindle.
This way I can load new books and not having to leave the beach.
The picture was taken on the island of Sardinia (Italy).
The prepaid sim card costs 25 Euro (Vodafone) is valid for 1 month and allows for 3 GB Data transfer.
If I use my iphone from Switzerland I would have to pay 3000 CHF (2400 Euro) in roaming fees.

Huawei Vodafone Android

Huawei Vodafone Android

Detailed Step by Step Guide on how to setup your Android Phone to access the internet:
How to avoid data roaming and roaming fees ? Mobile Wlan Hotspot devices (router/smartphones/…)

See also: List of settings for different countries to surf over data networks with your smartphone


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