Is Overcoming Change Resistance Really the Key in Change Management?

Lately I was even more involved in Change Management than usual. But the more I am involved in it the more I doubt the current focus.

Over the last 20 years the main item “we” talked about was how to overcome the change inertia, the resistance, how to create a burning platform, how to communicate to resistant people in the organization and how to get them to embrace the change ?

But just take an example from private life.
How many people with a burning platform about their current weight fail in dieting ?
According to statistics up to 90% of the personal weight change management initiatives eventually fail.

 Recently I came about a 3 years study on Change which sheds a new light on change management:

The Research Study
On the Outs: Learning Styles, Resistance to Change, and Teacher Retention (2009)

This study included 237 elementary and middle school teachers and the change was about implementing an intensive school wide technology and media integration model in schools  .

MBTI (Myers Brigg Type Indicator) was used to identify the Learning Style of the teacher and Oreg’s RTC (Resistance to Change) Scale was used to measure the Change Resistance of the individual before the start of the change initiative.

Impact on Retention: It was not the resistance to change that was key in teachers attrition but instead their Learning Style was the key indicator. Teachers with the ST (Sensing-Thinking) learning style were three times more likely to leave their schools compared to teacher with other learning styles.

How to address the challenge of Sensing Thinking (ST) Individuals in Change see the full research paper (second link below).

Please find more detail on the research here:

The full research paper is here:

Would love to hear your thoughts.

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