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How to join with Skype in a Google Hangout Gtalk Video Chat ? How to invite people in a Google Hangout without a Google account ?

October 13, 2013

Not everyone is on Google and many use Skype. There is a way to combine Skype and Google hangout and even use other gtalk video chat tools to include people in a google hangout meeting. On top of it I am looking for ways to go beyond just the 10 maximum participant who can join a Google Hangout gtalk video meeting at the same time. I want to find ways for a DIY MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) or DIY Massive Open Online Meetings and Workshops with the lowest costs possible.

If you are a skype user without a google account you will need someone to setup a PC as below in order to dial in.

1. Download and Install Virtual Audio Cable Trial Version:

2. Download and Install manycam:

3. Download and Install Webcammax :

5. Open the Virtual Audio Cable Control Panel and create two cables in Driver Parameters upper left corner of the Panel. Then select Set. As this is the trial version and you do not have administrator rights you need to restart your computer. After the restart open Virtual Audio Cable Control Panel and it will show two lines.

6. Start Google Hangout:

7. Open Skype

8. Start Audio Repeater from Virtual Audio Cable Program Menu. Select vor Wave In your Microphone  and for Wave Out Line 1 in the drop down menu.

9. Click start in the Audio Repeater program.

10. Go to Skype, open Options under Task menu. Select Audio options and select Line 2 in the drop down menu for your speaker. Save.

11. Now Select Calls in Skype Options and select automatically accept incoming calls and also accept and save.

12. Go to Google Handout. Open Settings. Select LIne 2 for your Microphone and Select Webcammax for your webcam.

13. Open Manycam. Select in Sources Tab the item Desktop. Select on the right the icon for customize selected area. Then put this customize capture area over the location of google hangout, where the hangout video will be displayed.

14. Go to Skype and again go to Task and Options. Select Video options and enter as your video source Manycam.

15. Open Webcammax and select there the capture icon on right pane third icon from the top. Select there in the drop down menu selected area and put this area over your skype window where the video will appear.

The main principle is: Webcammax will show your Skype Video Area in the Google Hangout and Manycam will show your Google Hangout Video Area on Skype.
The consequence of this is that you as the host of the Google hangout finally will not be seen in the hangout via your webcam. You need to connect via another computer and webcam to your Google hangout or use Skype via another device such as an iPhone to call the Skype account on your PC in order to be visible in the Google Hangout.

Please note the link to which is mentioned in the youtube video remarks below is not working or will direct you to some strange Advertisements. Better don’t use it.

This is the best source – will explain in detail how to setup a Google Hangout with Skype: Combine Skype and Google Hangout

How to use manycam:

In order to include and connect several Google Hangouts you would need to setup several PCs the same way. Via Skype you would call the next Computer, etc. In this setup Skype will be the bridge between several hangouts. The intriguing part is that you could have a large group of people which receive all at the same time an opening message via Video in the different hangouts. Later they could use these different hangouts as Break-out Session by shutting down the Skype connection….

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Other Tools:

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The Raspberry Pi as Wlan Airprint Server

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The Raspberry Pi as W-Lan AirPrint Print Server – Project

October 9, 2013

I have now a W-Lan Print Server for my home office and can print from different devices such as laptops and iphones and iPads on the only printer available.

I found this the most useful link:

SD Card 4 MB for Raspberry Pi

Debian/Raspbian Version 7 – Wheezy

Linux Print System CUPS (Common Unix Printing System)

Driver for Printer HP Color Laser Jet CM1312 MFP
Printer needs to have an USB interface

Thes steps below have worked well for me to setup up the Raspberry Pi as W-Lan Print server.

First of all once the Raspberry has booted up, you need to click on the Terminal icon. Once the terminal window is open I entered the below commands:

1. Update Raspberry PI Linux Version:
sudo apt-get update

2. sudo apt-get upgrade

3.sudo apt-get install foomatic-db

4. sudo apt-get install foomatic-db-engine

5. sudo apt-get install foomatic-filters

6. sudo apt-get install cups

7. sudo apt-get install cups-pdf

8. sudo apt-get install cupas-driver-gutenprint

9. sudo apt-get install hplip

10. sudo apt-get install pycups

11. sudo apt-get install python2

12. sudo apt-get install python-cups

14. sudo apt-get install avahi

15. sudo apt-get install avahi-daemon

16. sudo apt-get install avahi-discover

17. sudo apt-get install libnss-mdns

18. sudo usermod -a -G lpadmin pi

19. sudo /etc/init.d/cups start

20. sudo /etc/init.d/avahi-daemon start

21. sudo nano etc/cups/cupsd.conf

22. Make changes to the conf file according

23. Press CTRL+SHIFT+X

24. Press SHIFT+Y

25. Press Enter

26. sudo /etc/init.d/cups restart

27.Get IP Adress of Raspberry Pi: type ifconfig

Connect Printer via USB to Raspberry Pi USB Port

28. Go to another Computer and type in the browser: IP Adress of Raspberry

29. Select Adminstration Tab

30. Add Printer

31. username: pi  password: raspberry

32. Select Printer, etc.

33. Windows Add Printer:

34. iphone: Open an email and select the reply arrow and then print. I needed to select once my Printer HP_Color_Laserjet_CM1312_MFP and then press print button. It was dead easy for me compared to step 33 for setup of printer in Windows.

I am still researching on AirPrinter….

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