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CEX.IO Bitcoin Mining Return on Investment Calculation

January 20, 2014

Latest Update: September,23, 2014

The Bitcoin Difficulty is now at: 29829733124.
BTC mined per GHS/day approx.: 0.0000168339 BTC
Maintenance Fee: 85,36% of BTC mined;
Price for 1 GHS: around 0.85 USD/GHS – good way to compare with other options see – This price for 1 GHS in USD seems to be mainly driven by the cost for the KNCMiner Cloud Mining Price USD/GHS.
Currently they are offering 1GHS for 0.60 USD.

The Bitcoin Difficulty is now at: 27428630902.
BTC mined per GHS/day approx.: 0.0000184447389 BTC
Maintenance Fee: 65,69% of BTC mined;

The Bitcoin Difficulty is now at: 23844670039.
BTC mined per GHS/day approx.: 0.0000246935218 BTC
Maintenance Fee: 48,72% of BTC mined;

The Bitcoin Difficulty is now at: 19729645941.
BTC mined per GHS/day approx.: 0.0000286744BTC
Maintenance Fee: 36.25% of BTC mined;

The Bitcoin Difficulty is now at: 17336316979.
BTC mined per GHS/day approx.: 0.000024091995706 BTC (includes maintenance feed)
Maintenance Fee: 30.36% of BTC mined;

The Bitcoin Difficulty is now at: 16818461371.
BTC mined per GHS/day approx.: 0.0000271791429 BTC (includes maintenance feed)
Maintenance Fee: 57.34% of BTC mined;

The Bitcoin Difficulty is now at: 13462580115.
BTC mined per GHS/day approx.: 0.000036195 BTC (includes maintenance feed)
Maintenance Fee: 40.7% of BTC mined;
Next Bitcoin Difficulty change in approximately 5 days

The Bitcoin Difficulty is now at: 11756551917.
BTC mined per GHS/day approx.: 0.0000399844 BTC (includes maintenance feed)
Maintenance Fee: 30.85% of BTC mined;

The Bitcoin Difficulty is now at: 10455720138.
BTC mined per GHS/day approx.: 0.0000581341461852 BTC (includes maintenance feed)
Maintenance Fee: 27.5%; 503 USD/BTC is used to calculate the maintenance fee in BTC.

Each time the bitcoin difficulty goes up 1 GHS will mine less bitcoins.
Accordingly the prices for 1 GHS on CEX.IO will go down.
Use a mining calculator to calculate the difference before and after the change in bitcoin difficulty. recommends this calculator.
The next change of the difficulty is estimated in 10 days.

Change of Difficulty Difficulty Price 1 GHS before Price 1 GHS after
April 29, 2014 8,000,872,136 April 27: 0.0079 April 30: 0.00689
April 17,2014 6,978,842,650 April 15:0.01023 April 17: 0.0092
April 5, 2014 6,119,726,089 April 2: 0.012 April 6: 0.0115

Prices of 1 GHS can actually drop also before the new difficulty will start.

Additionally there is a maintenance fee for each GHS.
It is calculated each time the owner receives a reward (mined bitcoins).
At the moment it is at around 30.88%. This is not an exact percentage that will substracted each time. Sometimes it is less than 10% sometimes more than 100%. See below for more explanations.

Currently the price for 1 GHS today on CEX.IO  is 3.2 USD (0.0071 BTC / Bitstamp: 450 USD / BTC). If you buy a KNC Miner with 3 THZ for 13 000 USD you will pay 7 USD/GHS which is higher than 3.45 USD/GHS on CEX.IO . However on CEX.IO you do not have to look after the equipement and you can sell your GHS at any time. The price for 1 GHS used to be 4 times higher on CEX.IO versus bying your own equipement now it is down to 0.5. At this ratio you are better of trading GHS on CEX.IO .  See the watch out below before you make your decision!

It looks like prices on CEX.IO will still go lower. One of the reason is the maintenance fee for mining at CEX.IO. During a day of mining it can happen several times that the fee is higher than the reward. Thus an amount is substracted from your already mined BTCs. The maintenance fee is calculed based on the BTC/USD exchange rate. CEX.IO uses the average price of 503 USD (see  maintenance fee  ) to calculate the maintenance fee per share. If it takes several shifts to mine a bitcoin it can happen that based on the number of shares you have as miner in the round that the fee is higher than the return. So you are actually losing money in this round. At the same time when the bitcoin difficulty increases you will have a smaller return, because the number of total shares will increase and thus the ratio between your shares to the total number of shares will decrease.
The following formula is used to calculate the maintenance fee:
26 cents (USD) / 30 days (month) / 24 hours / 60 mins * amount of GHS * block duration

Watch out: At some point in time a miner will have more and more negative rewards. Therefore the price for one GHS needs to drop further so people will increase there shares in order to have a postive return. Now the question how long can it go until CEX.IO ( is out of businesss, I do not know. The question is also if people in the exchange willl pull all their investments out if this happens and then the exchange will crash.

Status of my investment in January: I am below my investment due to the drop in prices per GHS on CEX.IO. Please see the list of cautions at the end of this post. Additionally from time to time the mining fees are higher than the reward so it will drain on my already mined bitcoins.

March 2013: An Interview by the CIO Jeffrey Smith. Now CEX.IO offers futures on GHS Mining.
For tomorrow April 26th 1 GHS is now at 0.0079 BTC and for 26th of May, 1 GHS trades at 0.0041 BTC. Today the price for 1 GHS is at 0.00793 BTC.

Status 20. January 2014: As it stands of today I am about to make around 199% on my investment in Bitcoin Mining at CEX.IO .
On the platform CEX.IO you can instantly buy so called hashrates (GHS) of computer mining power or if you do not need those sell them again.

I bought 1 GHS on January 17th and after 3 days mining I am currently at a 199% return of my investment. I paid 0.0455  BTC for 1 GHS. And I will continuously update the calculation.

At CEX.IO you are not only mining Bitcoin BTC but at the same time 3 other cryptocurrencies are mined. These cryptocurrencies are Namecoin NMC, IXCoin IXC and Devcoin DVC.

After 72 hours of mining I have:
0.00073126 BTC
0.001148024 NMC (Namecoin)
0.00578684 IXC (IXCoin)
0.21625056 DVC (Devcoin)

After converting the NMC (exchange rate on CEX.IO) and the other cryptocurrencies IXC and DVC (exchange rate on into BTC I mined so far 0.00074321.
Based on the current amount of BTC mined I would make a 199% return of my investment in 1 year. What I have not calculated is the effective interest rate. The payouts of the mining is immediately, therefore the effective interest rate should be above 199%. As you have a constant payout of the BTCs mined – a fraction at least once per hour, the payout now has always more value than if you get paid in the future. As an example if you invest in shares and hold them for a year you will only get paid once per year the divident of the share and only realize any gains of the share price after you have sold you shares.

Also if I would sell my 1 GHS now I would also make a small return as the current price for 1 GHS is now at 0.04367. Plus if I would change the BTC back into USD I would make an additional return as the rate for BTC against the USD recently went up.

Before you get too excited there are some words of caution.
Please consider these risk factors:
With the increase of mining power added continuously the return from mining Bitcoins BTC with 1GHS could decrease over time. This might be the case also for the other cryptocurrencies.
The value of 1GHS can decrease.
The value of 1 BTC can decrease against the FIAT currencies.
Theft. Your account could get hacked.
The provider needs to stop services due to legal constraints or goes out of business.
Your assets are not secured nor is the legal framework fully cleared.

Also consider there is 0.0001 BTC fee for withdrawal of BTC from your account at CEX.IO.


List of all Crypto Currencies Coin with Value against FIAT currencies

January 17, 2014

Updated: 13 February 2014

Bitcoin BTC

Litecoin LTC

Peercoin PPC

Mastercoin MSC

NeXtCoin NXT

Quarkcoin QRK

MegaCoin MEC

DogeCoin DOGE

Novacoin NVC

Feathercoin FTC

Digitalcoin DGC

ZetaCoin ZET

AnonCoin ANC

Netcoin NET

Devcoin DVC

Terracoin TRC


Freicoin FRC

BitBar BTB


Dimecoin DIME

EarthCoin EAC

Fedoracoin TIPS

Sexcoin SXC



LottoCoin LOT

ByteCoin BTE

Diamond DMD

Gamecoins GME


LuckyCoin LKY

JouleCoin XJO

KrugerCoin KGC


Junkcoin JKC

RoyalCoin RYC

Ripples XRP

Copperlark CLR

TagCoin TAG

Worldcoin WDC

Mincoin MNC

Extremecoin ECX

Cryptogenic Bullion CGB

GoldCoin GLD

MemoryCoin MMC

Fastcoin FST

Datacoim DTC

Unobtunien UNO

AsicCoin ASC


42 Coin

Frozen FZ


StableCoin SBC


Philosopher Stones PHS


Ron Paul Coin

Grand Coin

Drutsche eMark


Catcoin CAT




Tigercoin TGC










Mooncoin MOON

Lottocoin LOT


Exchange: Coinex

I am a crypto-currency collector and my dream is to have a coin from each abailable crypto-currency which has a value against a FIAT currency.

List of Bitcoin ATM Machines

January 16, 2014

Updated: 21 March 2014

Below find the existing locations for Bitcoin ATM Machines.
Please note: there are lot’s of announcements on planned installation of Bitcoin ATM Machines around the Globe.
London is expected to recieve the shipment of the first ATM Machine by March, however in most countries there is no legal framework and therefore Bitcoin ATM Machines might not be allowed to be installed.
Example: In New York there are still discussing.

Albuquerque, New Mexico (since February,18,2014)
Location: Bar Imbibe, Nob Hill
More Info
USD notes to Bitcoin

Boston (since February,19,2014)
Location 1: Boston South Station
More Info

Location 2: Harvard Square, Clover Food Lab, Holyoke St
More Info

Austin, Texas (since February,20,2014)
Location: Handlebar, backroom, East Fifth Street
More Info

Austin, Texas (since March, 03, 2014)
Location: Central Texas Gun Works off Ben White Boulevard
More  Info

New York
Location: To be defined yet
Planned to open soon

Vancouver: World’s First Bitcoin Machine (since November,1,2013)
Location: Waves Coffee House
More Info

Vancouver: (since February,1,2014)
Location: QuadrigaCX, Downtown Vancouver, 332 Water Street, corner of West Cardover and Water Street
More Info

Ottawa (since January,16,2014)
Location: Byward Market Pub
More Info

Toronto (since Januray,16,2014)
Location: King Street West and Spadina Avenue at Bitcoin Decentral
More Info

Location: Bitcoin Embassy, 3485 Boul. St-Laurent
More Info

Winnipeg (since February,15,2014)
Location: Santa Lucia Pizza, St. Mary’s Road
More Info

Edmonton (since February,27,2014)
Location: Rose and Crown Pub
More Info

Location: 27th January to 2nd February
Campus Party 2014
More Info
Location in future : Financial District
Planned to open soon


Helsinki (since December, 16th,2013)
Location: Helsinki Railway Station, Levykauppa Äx Record Store
More Info

Bratislawa (since December,10th,2013)
Location: Entrance Restaurant The Pub
More Info includes map

Stockholm (since December, 9th, 2013)
Location: Hilton Slussen
More Info

Location: Im Viadukt Markthalle
More Info
Euro notes to Bitcoin only

Geneva (since February, 13, 2014)
Location: Crêperie des Pâquis
More Info

London (since February,05, 2014)
Location: Old Shoreditch Station, Kingsland Road
More Info

Berlin (since February,08, 2014)
Location: room77
More Info
Euro notes to Bitcoin only

Barcelona (since February,22,2014)
Location: Diagonal Mar Shopping Center
More Info

Dublin (since March,13,2014)
Location: GSM Solution, Upper Abbery Street
More Info


China – Hong Kong
Hong Kong (since March,14,2014)
Location: Stanley, Mr. Bing Cafe, 83 Wellington Street
More Info

Seoul (since March,07, 2104)
Location: COEX Mall southeastern Seoul
More Info

since February,28,2014
Location: City Link Mall
More Info

Bitcoins are frobidden in:
China (Mainland)

Mindfulness, Fullfillment, Completness – workbooks, questionairs, resources

January 3, 2014
running with the seaguls Ed Schipul 2006

Creative Commons: running with the seaguls Ed Schipul 2006

When I worked with just a few of these tools with one person the results were more than astonishing. In one year this person reached three of his major life goals while we had together estimated five. Why shouldn’t you achieve the same ?

After you have read through this article you will be twice as likely to reach your dreams, visons or goals. Given what we know today once you apply these tools I believe you will have a 95% chance to achieve your major goals in life.

It was a few years ago when the person came into my office. He was almost certain that he would quit his job because he had enough of sales. It was not his dream job. He felt tired and he had lost his passion. His intention was to join a business school fulltime, spend all his savings to major in marketing so that he could start a career in the marketing function. I listened intensively without judgement and asked questions when I needed to better understand the points he made. We sat together for 50 minutes and almost at the end of the meeting I said,” well, it seems that you have made up your mind, but is this the only option you have ? Is this the only way and what is the likelyhood of success ? Would you like to take the time to explore more options that will give you a much higher chance of success ?”. This was the moment he realized he came to have the meeting with me to just seek confirmation of his decision and not help. This was the moment when he suddenly started to listen. First I explained him the risk of his only option and then I asked him if working in marketing is his final dream in life or if it was an enabler for something bigger ?
I proposed him to find a better way to get him to the place where he really wanted to be in life if he would spend just a few hours over the next months together with me. We applied a few of the tools which helped him to become very clear what he wanted from life. It was not only a career in marketing, he also had the wish to work abroad, stay with the current employer and get married.
We met three times over the next month for only 60 minutes each.
One year later he got married, the current employer send him to Asia to work in marketing and paid for the tuition at a well known business school for his degree in marketing.
In essence good reflection takes only little time but gets you much further than we tend to believe.

I have seen these successes over and over again in my many years long career in talent management & people development and as a coach ( . Each time I am still astonished. It is magic. The method and tools are amazing. I let the person decide on the timing when to meet again and never will I judge or take the lead in the journey. It only works if the true person comes out and the true person goes through his own reflection. In my many years of experience I learned to become the sparring partner on the right level, that keeps the ball in the game. Seeing someone win, seeing someone reach his vision and goals is personally my biggest joy and fulfillment.

I didn’t have the book “Finding Your Element” by Sir Ken Robinson then. It is a great source and therefore I listed some of the resources below. I have also used additonal tools which I will go to introduce over the next couple of weeks in this blog post. My starting point is always the situation, the context the person is in and get a full understanding of it. Often this is the first time people talk to someone who is non-judgemental about it. Only then when everything is understood will I ask the person to take a helicopter view of his life. Afterwards there are a number of tools to become more specific who the person is and how he wants to go about the journey.

As we haven’t met personally I have made the following assumption about you as the reader:
– you feel like you are underutilizing your capacity and have not turned it fully to your advantage
– you are critical of yourself and you deserve to be admired more
– at certain times you have serious doubts if you have taken the right direction in life
– you feel insecure and you see your personal weaknessess which you like to hide
– you can become dissastified by restrictions and limitations
– you would like to change and add more variety to your life
– you are an independent thinker and you only accept statements with satisfactory proof
– you have great aspirations which you find pretty unrealistic and you need to provide security to yourself and others

If you agree or disagree with my assumptions you can reach out me at or leave a comment below.










Would you like to invest a few minutes of your precious life and turn it into something that you value much more ?

Being in your element, feeling engaged, having a purpose, …
In the following you find a number of tools:
You can use them on your own or with somebody you trust.
How many books have you read with exercises, but honestly how many of these exercises did you do on your own?
It seems most people like to do  exercises with someone else because they are more engaged, get more inspired and creative.

This is still my scrabble blog post, it will envolve over time:

Accept the situation you are in. Become mindful and understand your judgement.

Start with the end in mind

Question For You To Find Your Element:

Getting Started With the Element Workbook:

27 Questions to Find Your Passion Workbook:

Aspergers Education Strategies

January 1, 2014

Tips by Dave Angel
Children with Aspergers need certain things in order to receive a proper Aspergers education. Their behavior is hard to understand for some parents, but once they gain a better understanding of children with Aspergers, they can begin to help their children the way that they need help. Here are a few suggestions that can help parents help their students with Aspergers.

� Don’t expect eye contact. Their lack of eye contact has nothing to do with disrespect, but it has everything to do with their Aspergers. Use probing questions to make sure they understand what is expected of them instead of using eye contact as an indicator in their Aspergers education.

� Every child is different from others. Parents should take the time to get to know their children with Aspergers so they understand how they think and operate. Do not put them in a category with your other children or educational failures will occur.

� Use visual cues when at all possible. Children with Aspergers are usually visual learners and they depend on these cues in their Aspergers education. They have difficulty processing oral language so hands-on, visual cues are a tremendous help.

� Do not ask them to show their work on math problems. Children with Aspergers have the ability to come up with answers by processing the information in their heads. They may not even understand why you want them to show their work. A better solution is to ask them to explain the process to you. Do not waste time trying to get them to do something that will result in an unnecessary argument and nothing more.

� Parents should allow frequent breaks. Children with Aspergers may need to take breaks as a part of their Aspergers education. Sometimes they have problems with focusing on tasks so allowing a break when they need it is a tremendous help.

� Always try to minimize sensory distractions as much as possible. Ticking clocks, tapping pens, crumbling paper, and other things can be a huge distraction for children with Aspergers. It is impossible to control all sensory distractions, but when at all possible, minimize these distractions.

� Use the IEP as the model for their Aspergers Education. This is their individualized plan for educational success so parents should take advantage of using the IEP.

� Minimize change as much as possible. Allow some transition time before asking a child to do something that is out of their normal routine. Parents should always plan for change as far in advance as possible.

Parents can help their children receive a proper Aspergers education by using a few simple strategies to ensure the success of their children. When in doubt, refer to the IEP or speak to a special education staff member for guidance.
About The Author

Dave Angel has been helping parents of children and young adults with Aspergers online for over four years, you can read more of his information about Aspergers and Education
The author invites you to visit:

Article published on:

Sim Card Top Advice

January 1, 2014
Unlocked Phones: How and Why to Do It (via InformationWeek)

InformationWeek An unlocked phone is one not tied down to a specific carrier network. If you want to use an unlocked phone, what are the practical implications? Who sells unlocked phones? What carriers let you unlock theirs and activate others? BYTE…


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