Magic Systemic Weight Loss – Self Weighing Regularly

There are so many scientific proven micro life adjustments tricks that have an impact on successful weight management – Learn how to make your weight management automatic.
I am collecting all those tips and tricks based on research here at:
101 Magic Tricks to Make Your Weight Loss Diet easy unconcious to follow and automatic and sustainable

The main conclusion of the research below is:
Self-weighing regularly will improve weight loss in average by over 8 pounds over 6 months alone compared to people who decrease frequencey of self-weighing and it will not impact on body-satisfaction.
This is around 1.33 pounds per months or 4655 calories or around 1050 calories per week alone.
These findings were also confirmedd by the research of Roy Baumeister and John Tierney.
People who weight their weight daily lose more weight than people who weigh their weights weekly. Also writing your weight down each day will give another boost to your weight management.

See the research: Is frequent self-weighing associated with poorer body satisfaction ?


Participants who increased their frequency of self-weighing over the 6-month period demonstrated significantly better weight loss outcomes than those who maintained or decreased their frequency of self-weighing (-6.8 kg vs -3.1 kg, F = 8.59, P = .006). There were no significant associations between self-weighing frequency and body satisfaction at 6 months (F = 0.55, P = .58).


These findings support frequent self-weighing for weight control. There appears to be little or no effect of self-weighing on body satisfaction. Future research should replicate these findings across a larger, more diverse population of overweight adults.


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