Scribble – Learn to Read Your First Book in Chinese

it took me below 3.2 hours to learn to read my first book, When I read my first book The secret Garden I was amazed how fluent I was able to read it without consulting a dictionary It can be done faster, My questions are: how to teach others? who else written about the subject? where do people talk about this subject? who are the expert in this field?

Research on who and what is out there:

Buzzsumo: : The new paperless revolution in Chinese reading

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Learn to read Chinese most shared: GIVEAWAY! WINK to LEARN Speak & Read Chinese Program Review + Promotion! several top shares

search on Chinese:

This Chinese Music Video Is Every kind Of WTF 596 800 Shares

Millions share new Chinese character   167 400 Shares

Analyse new character , break up into components


Use Text song for learning.

search on Mandarin:

Of Course Mark Zuckerberg Speaks Fluent Mandarin   78 900 Shares

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Australian Man Wakes From Coma Speaking Fluent Mandarin Proving Again the Brain is a Wonderous Thing  72 200 Shares

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Amber shows off her Mandarin skills on 100% Entertainment    26 000 Shares

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Chinese Reading: This Video Will Teach You To Read Chinese In 10 Minutes.

34.1 K shares mainly on facebook Learn to read your first text in Chinese in under 10 minutes and then take this test. “Learning Chinese in 7 Minutes” Ted Talk by ShaoLan. Linkedin

It is traditional Chinese and not the simplified version although most of the are the same. You will learn the English word but not the Chinese Pronounciation and the pinyin of the character. The pinyin is useful if you want to type a Chinese character on a PC.


Profile:  Example that ShaoLan shared with the audience.

Fascinating. My kids (9 + 5 years)  just learned eight characters in 2 Minutes.

First Row: 1) Fire 2)Tree 3)Sun 4)Moon Second Row: 5)Human Being 6)Mouth 7)Door 8)Mountain

You learn 43 characters in 10 minutes. With these you cannot form sentences.

If you go by the course one memrise the first thousand words in Chinese, you are able to form sentences already after the first 15 words you have learned.

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