Which Content was Shared More than 111 Million Times on the Internet in the Last 12 Months?


It wasn’t easy to find out what is the most viral content shared during the last 12 months on the internet.
With the help of Buzzsumo I was finally able to identify the most viral content. And I was quite surprised about the first place.

And the winner is:
“Which birth dates are most common”? So far this post was shared 111.5 million times alone on twitter.
If you are good in math and biology you could calculate the month(s) in which you are most likely to get lucky.


In the second place is “Which Song Was Actually Written About YOU?” on playbuzz.com
with only 5.6 million shares. 99% of shares were on facebook. It is a quiz.

The third place is held by Ellie Goulding with her official video – Love Me Like You Do.
This video received 4.3 million shares with the majority on facebook.

And here the 50 most shared content – this stats are from 17th of March:
Content outliers: Learning from the Web’s Most Viral Content

If you can beat this viral content please let me know.


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