Free Learning Resources to Help You to Become a SAP Successfactors Consultant

I will collect all relevant resources in the best sequence to help you to become a SAP Successfactors consultant. Additionally you find my notes on what I have learned from these free resources.

Update 12.10.2017: Die Checkliste für SuccessFactors Performance & Goals Administratoren um optimal vorbereitet zu sein. Link zur Checkliste.

Update 25.01.2016: New free openSAP course on Implementation Made Simple for SAP SuccessFactors Solutions will launch on Wednesday, March 09 2016. End date is Thursday, April 14 2016.

Update 19.01.2016: I am listening to the SAP HCM Insights Podcast Series hosted by Steve Bogner . Very well done by the SAP Successfactors Mentors and industry experts Steve Bogner, Martin Gillet, Mark Ingram, Luke Marson, Jarret Pazahanick, Sven RIngling, Brandon Toombs.

Update 06.10.2015: I have written a post on “The SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Certified Application Associate Exam: How I passed it and how I prepared for it

And in October there is a new free course Run Simple HR with SuccessFactors Employee Central on available. The course starts on October 13, 2015. More details here.

Becoming a SuccessFactors SaaS Consultant Part 1

What I have learned from this video – see Becoming a ScucessFactors SaaS Consultant Part 1 and Part 2

Luke Marson wrote a blog post about the skillsets a SaaS Consultant should have.

Luke Marson’s Blog and Jarret Pazahanick’s Blog. And visit the SuccessFactors Useful Resources and Documents maintained by Luke Marson.

You will find a summary of the key skills in Thoughts on the SuccessFactors consultant skillset by Luke Marson

What I learned from this article: The most successful of SuccessFactors consultants should be able to understand and manage:

  • Customer needs and challenges
  • Business processes
  • Product capabilities
  • Configuration
  • Security and authorization
  • Extensibility
  • Integration
  • Soft skills: creative, problem solver
  • To create process or configuration workarounds need to understand logical calculations and rules
  • Able to create complex business rules in SuccessFactors

Recommended Book: SuccessFactors with SAP ERP HCM: Business Processes and Use (2nd Edition)

openSAP An Introduction to SuccessFactors Solutions

This course is aimed at HR Business Partners, people managers, and executive leaders who want to improve their overall HCM strategy.

My key learnings from attending this course.

SAP Learning Hub free Discovery Edition

Sign up here.

You will have access to all openSAP courses. The real plus is you can go to the SuccessFactors Admin Tools and see all Admin Resources for SuccessFactors for free.

SAP Learning Hub Admin Tools

SAP Learning Hub Admin Tools

Successfactors Training Sessions SAP SuccessFactors Online Training Demo | SAP SuccessFactors Overview

What I have learned from this video:

User based licensing fee for Successfactors. Walmart with 2 Million users is the bigget customer.  Successfactors supports 53 languages.

If you use the Talent management solution you need to provide the employee masterdata to the Successfactors cloud solution. See the next video below 2015 02 04 19 59 SAP Successfactors Online Training Feb Batch on how to import the employee master data. This is called the data integration concept.

You can also run a hybrid setup through Netweaver with your existing on-premise SAP system. This is called process integration as you will move between the SAP Screens and the Successfactors screens in the talent management process. You have a single sign on via your Netweaver portal.

Successfactors supports 4 main processes:

  • the core HR process
  • Talent Management
  • Social Collaboration
  • Analytics

The different modules can be grouped in three categories:

Employee Transaction Management: Core HR, Payroll, Benefits administration (Strategic Partnership with Benefitfocus) , Time & Attendance (Strategic Partnership with WorkForce Software)

Talent Management: Performance Management, Goals Management, Compensation, Recruiting, Learning, Social Collaboration, Succession

Workforce Intelligence: Workforce Analytics, Workforce Planning

Everything can be accessed via the Successfactors home page. The user can setup the homepage individually by moving around the tiles, display new ones or remove them from the home page. There is no limit to the amount of tiles on this page. The Company Logo can be customized.

The admin can search for employees, configuration notes and data maintenance notes.

Every Screen has a show me option. The admin can record a video (max. 5 min) to show how to use the particular tile, how to navigate in this section for the end user.

Add new employee is used to run the hiring process in Successfactors.

The configuration of Successfactors is now template driven. In the template the admin can set the authorization for fields or for steps.

Successfactors Training

What I have learned from this video:

Introduction to Mastery

You activate all the modules in the provisioning system that the client has licensed. You need to be certified by Successfactors to  access the provisioning system.

How to remove tiles from the home page. Click on the Tile “Tile Browser” Add/Remove tiles. You will see the list of tiles. Select the one you want to remove. Click the button Remove.

Proxy: SF Admin can log in as one of the employees in the systems. In AdminTools see Menu SF Admin.

In Options (SF Admin Menu) you can set who can proxy in for you, your start page, set your sub tabs, set if you want to receive notifications,choose your language and set the numbering scheme.

How do the upgrade of SuccessFactors and how to manage permissions of the users.

How to set detailed reporting privileges and compensation management privileges.

How to import users. How to do mass proxy.

How to upload the company logo.

How to do text replacements. (starts at 29 min in the video).

How to set the rating scales (starts at 30:40 min)

How to set up the performance management process (starts at 33 min).

How to set up Password Login Policy. (38:20 min)

How to manage the homepage. (45 min)

How to set up Security (1:02:50 hr)

Goal Management (1:04:50 hr)

Competencies (1:26:30)

Performance Management (1:39:30)

2014 11 02 10 03 SAP SUCCESSFACTORS Webinar


  • History of Successfactors
  • Why SAP is interested in acquiring Successfactors?
  • Cloud Solution – SAAS Model Applications
  • Bizx Suite
  • Technical Architecture of Successfactors
  • System Architecture of Successfactors
  • Deployment Options
  • Integration Solution
  • Role of SAP Successfactors Consultant
  • Career Prospects
  • Q&A

Successfactors Overview

2015 02 13 20 02 SAP Successfactors Online Training Intro Mastery Module

Route Map and Rating Scales

2015 08 05 21 15 SAP Successfactors Employee Central Online Training

Introduction to Employee Central

Walk through of the 14 Steps Implementation Process for Employee Central

2015 06 08 20 50 SAP Successfactors Online Training

How to create the different administrators and how to grant privileges.

2015 08 06 21 16 SAP Successfactors Employee Central Online Training

How to configure the four different types of objects in Employee Central:

  • Foundation Objects (Org/Pay/Job Structure)
  • Employment Objects
  • Personal Objects
  • Generic Objects (MDF)

2015 08 07 20 51 SAP Successfactors Employee Central Online Training

Working on the configuration workbook and how to customize location in the corporate data model.


MDF = Master Data Framework


What I have learned from this video:

The LMS is a stand alone solution.

The  Video is an introduction to a 20 day training programs and what topics will be covered.

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