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Education Hacking – The Top List For Free Online Learning Resources

August 28, 2015
Creative Commons License Mozilla in Europe Hack-a-Thon

Creative Commons License Mozilla in Europe Hack-a-Thon

Latest Update: October 5, 2015 – 150 Entries


This is the most extensive list on free professional and personal education available on the web. I have put them into categories that I thought would be helpful for anyone who is taken her personal & professional development in her own hands. In the first part of the list I focus on MOOCS and Open Education Resources (OER) and in the second part I list tools and resources available for language acquisition.

Whitepaper: For these resources and tools I have finished a whitepaper explaining the benefits, the key features, the system requirements and costs in more detail. If you want a copy please connect with me on LinkedIn: or on Xing: or leave your email in this Google form:

Search for OER & MOOCs

Class-Central Aggreator of MOOCs

Degreed Aggregator of OER and MOOCs

Academic Earth Curator of Open Education Resources from several well-known universities worldwide

Mooctivity Aggregator of MOOCs

Mooc List Aggregator for MOOCS, Search for MOOCs in a perticiular language MOOCs in German

Open Education Database Same owner as Academic Earth. OEDB is an online education directory for both free and for-credit learning

OER = Open Education Resources

MIT First to offer Open Education Resources on a massive scale – since 2002.

Khan Academy

Offers also courses in economics and finance

Resources in German:

P2PU: Take online courses in libraries for free

Udemy: free courses available not all

Skillshare is a similar to Udemy. Most courses charge enrollment fees.

Open Learning Initiative:

Online College Classes:

MOOCS & Online Courses Provider

Coursera Largest provider of MOOCs

edX Founded by MIT and Harvard LMS – Colleges and Schools develop their own courses on this platform

FutureLearn Wholly owned by The Open University – courses from universities and cultural institutions worldwide

Miríada X Provider for MOOCs in Spanish

Udacity Focus is on computer sciences

CourseSites Owned by Blackboard. Free LMS to create MOOCs, provides MOOC Catalogue of courses

Iversity European Provider of MOOCs with focus on Europe

Rwaq (رواق) Provider of MOOCs in Arabic

NovoED For example hosts courses from the Stanford Business School

Open2Study Courses by the Open University Australia

Open University The Open University Learning space (600 free courses also with credits). See Credit Accumulation and Transfer scheme (CATS): (Remark: Can be transferred into ECTS)

Open edX Open edX is the open source platform that powers edX courses. Universities can produce their own MOOCs on this platform. Hosts MOOCs as well.

Alison Offers free online degrees and diplomas

YouTube Edu Lectures from Universities

Ted- Ideas Worth Spreading

MOOCs by the Hasso Plattner Institute

MOOCs provided by SAP

MOOCs offered by IMC

MOOCs relevant for HR & Corporate L&D

Using MOOC in training:

Dynamic Educator in the digital world:

Leaders of Learning:

Human Resources:

Learning How to Learn University of California, San Diego Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects by Dr. Barbara Oakley, Dr. Terrence Sejnowski


Data Scientist for Free

Entrepreneur for Free


SAP SuccessFactors LMS tracks MOOCs

Create your own courses

Lore is another type of plattform to create free online courses. The focus of this plattform is on the community and the social networking between students.

Coursesites by Blackboard is another free web-based course platform to attend courses or setup your own.

Language Acquisition

  1. Speaking

1.1 Language Exchange/Community Platforms



Livemocha Owned by Rosetta Stone. Also offers courses

Busuu also offers courses

My Language Exchange text and voice chats and also organizes meetups

Conversationexchange Find people near you to practice

Easy Language Exchange

The Polyglot Club organizes meetups

When you travel stay with locals to practice your language

Find meetups where people speak the language you are learning

Meet expats

Google Practice Hangouts Search for Google Hangout for Language practice via G+GoTo Gal I have found hangouts for English, French and Mandarin.

Speaky Online Exchange Platform

Coffeestrap Online gamified exchange platform, identify exchange partners with similar interests

1.1.1 Talkgroups

Hellotalk Language Exchange Learning app for ios and android


Linqapp Language Exchange app for ios and android

1.2 Language teacher platforms

You have to pay for teachers. However rates can be very low depending on the coutry the teacher resides and what experience she has. You can try teachers for a reduced rate before you commit more.




  1. Listening

Learning English Video Lectures:

2.1 Podcasts


Open Culture

Radio Lingua Network
Podcasts for French Spanish, German, Italian

2.2 Radio Online


2.3 Film / Video / Television


Find Television Stations streams

2.4 Music

learn languages free with music

2.5 Pronunciation


Reddit – Subreddit Group /r/JudgeMyAccent Share your recordings for native speakers to give you feedback

Accent Trainer course

  1. Reading



Learning With Texts LWT
An online version is installed on Benny Lewis Blog Fluent in three month Instructions on the tool: Link to Download Tool

Diigo Web Plugin / Google Tranlsate Plugin / Translate text while you read on the internet and make annotations with the Diigo Web Plugin

3.1 ebooks

Ebook Directory for Languages

  1. Writing



Lyrics Translate

4.1 Spaced repetition tools




Flashcards for phrases in 76 languages


  1. Understanding / Meaning


Translations of sentences

Internet Polyglot
Memorize words and meaning for 40 Languages

5.1 Translation Tools / Dictionaries

Google Translate


Bing Translator



Interactive Terminology for Europe




  1. Other Tools

Interactive courses


Is a virtual town where you can practice 85 languages in all areas.

Simular to duolingo, users crowdsource mini lessons for language learning

Foreign Service Institute

Mango Languages
available free through libraries

Immersion & Hacks

Read, Listen, Practice – list relevant sources on the internet

I will teach you a language
Good advice on language hacks

Great advice as well on language learning and free resources for specific languages

Education Hackers & Hacks

Scott H. Young – MIT Computer Science Degree in 1year: Scott H Young succeeded to learn MIT’s 4-year curriculum for computer science in 12 months, without taking any classes and spending less than 2000 USD. His speech at the Ted Conference:

Jay Cross – College Degree in 1 year: Scott was influenced by the first Education Hacker Jay Cross. Jay got a college degree in 1 year at 1/20th of the cost compared to the traditional way by using online available resources only.

Benny Lewis – Fluent in a language in 3 months: Benny has demonstrated on how to become fluent in a language in just 3 months without having to visit the country where it is spoken. Not only is Benny with the help of internet more effective than using the traditional class room programs, he also does it at a fraction of the costs.

Dale Stephenson – Education without College (uncollege): Dale Stephenson founded after he dropped out from college. Uncollege provides Gap Year programs for young adults who want to drive their own education. Dale shows new ways to drive your own education without having to attend college which costs as you know a lot of money in the US. He is the Author of Hacking Your Education and has a background in home schooling. His book also inspired McKenzie’s new onboarding program where they follow a very similar approach.

Peter Palme – Reading Chinese Newspaper in 1 year: Peter set himself the Mission of Reading a Chinese Newspaper by the end of 2015

In just 2 months and a net learning time of 32 hours he read his first Chinese book. 7 months later he knew more than 2000 unique characters Peter read his first article in a Chinese newspaper.

As a comparison Chinese children will learn just over 1000 characters in their first four years in school and then it would take them to grade 6/7 before they can read a newspaper.

Peter Palme – SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Certified Application Associate – Cloud HCM Peter used and the SAP Learning Hub to get his certification in ¼ of the time compared to attending a SAP classroom training and at a 1/5th of the costs. As he has a subscription to SAP Learning Hub for one year and can attend other courses the costs for his employee central certification will even further decrease compared to the traditional way.

Do you have your own education hacking story to share please contact connect with me on Linkedin

Workshop “Education Hacking”

More details:

Other Lists

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Free online learning resources: see

A very well structured and very extensive list at – Hacking your Education by Dale J. Stephens:

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My vision is to build a truly integrated HR in the cloud. A truly integrated HR is the key enabler for organizations to maximize their business outcomes. And I want to leverage the cloud for learning. I want to help companies to become engaging and innovative learning organizations.

Thank You

At this point I’d like to thank Leopold Kause from DidacDesign for his expertise provided on OER, his other valuable contributions and the review of the article.


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