The Education Hacking Workshop

Creative Common License Got Credit

Creative Common License Got Credit

Engage yourself and your employees with the amazing variety of learning available on the internet.
Help yourself and others to become a passionate and highly effective learners.

In this pilot workshop you will learn how to be a more effective learner and how to best use OER (Open Education Resources) and other tools in a corporate environment for your development. Bring back the knowledge from this workshop to implement in organization or just for yourself.

Reflection on your own learning experiences and habits
Get to know the latest research and principles in effective learning

Your learning:
Define a mission statement for your next development project/goal
Overview of resources and tools available
Identify the right approach, methodology and tools for your learning path

Introduce your learning project to the group and get helpful feedback
Develop a contingency plan for your learning journey

Timing & Costs:

It is a two days workshop. The pilot workshop will be delivered for free. The only costs the participants will have to cover are travel, accommodation and food.

The pilot workshop will be run in Switzerland.
Ideal timing and place will be decided with the registered participants.

Number of participants:
Maximum 12 people can attend

If you are interested please sign up here in this google form:

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