C THR82_1411 SuccessFactors Performance and Goals Certification Exam – Unit 1 Overview and Practice Questions

I am currently studying towards the SuccessFactors Performance and Goals Certification Exam on the SAP Learning Hub https://training.sap.com/shop/learninghub. For my exam preparation I attend the SuccessFactors Performance and Goals Academy. Basically this course consists of the THR_EN_Col54 Participation Handbooks.


It is not an optimal way to learn online because one needs to read through a pdf document within the Plateau LMS System and these documents are not available for download. This is very tiring and not very engaging. I had a much better experience with the Employee Central Academy. This course was much more optimized for e-learning.

I have written about my learning strategy in a previous blog post: “The SuccessFactors Employee Central Exam Certification: How I passed it and how I prepared for it”. One of the three main principles of my strategy is to overcome overconfidence in learning. In a number of studies, it was shown that students who understand very well the text they read develop an overconfidence in retention of these materials. It is also not enough to reread these resources several times to really be able to recall it well enough in a test situation. It takes more effort in retaining knowledge than pure understanding. Therefore, I use several methods to make learning of the content stick. One very effective way is to ask practice questions. For those who have not yet started with the Performance and Goal course it can be beneficial to also read my practice questions before going through the Unit 1 document. You might even consider to apply the PQ4R (Preview-Question-Read-Reflect-Recite-Review)  method http://bit.ly/1MxfFkv.

The main focus in unit 1 is on preparation of your instance in the provisioning system and to understand Role-Based Permissions.

In total I have come up with 41 practice questions. In this post I will list 15 questions.

  1. What benefits do companies get from performance and goals management?
  2. What features does the performance and goal management have?
  3. What are the two areas of an instance?
  4. What is done in provisioning?
  5. How to disable the link to goal plans globally form the quick cards?
  6. How to enable batch load for goals and goal related data?
  7. What are the two types of environments within Success Factors?
  8. How to activate the search function to search within provisioning?
  9. How do you set up the super administrator?
  10. What are the required fields in the User Data File (UDF)?
  11. How to grant import privileges to employees?
  12. What are the steps to upload the User Data File (UDF)?
  13. What does Role-Based Permissions allow?
  14. What are the steps to enable RBP?
  15. What does the Document Type Definition (DTD) define?

All of my 41 practice questions are here: https://youtu.be/o6c5aX-0pL0

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2 Responses to “C THR82_1411 SuccessFactors Performance and Goals Certification Exam – Unit 1 Overview and Practice Questions”

  1. Geetha Says:

    Hi the questions for PMGm is really useful, do you have answers for them as well? If so could please share.

  2. Shakeel Says:

    Hi Peter,

    Very use full a questions on PMGM, could you please let me know how do I get the answers for these questions.


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