C THR82_1411 SuccessFactors Performance and Goals Certification Exam – Unit 5 Overview and Practice Questions

This is a series of blog posts about the preparation for the SuccessFactors Performance and Goals Certification Exam for my exam preparation I attend the SuccessFactors Performance and Goals Academy. Each time I finish one unit in the Performance and Goals Academy course on the SAP Learning Hub https://training.sap.com/shop/learninghub I will share my practice questions.
Why these practice questions are so effective I have explained in the first blog post of this series: C THR82_1411 SuccessFactors Performance and Goals Certification Exam – Unit 1 Overview and Practice Questions

The main focus in unit 5 was on how to configure goal fields.

In total I have come up with 62 practice questions. In this post I will list 21 questions below.

  1. What are the three types of permissions that are relevant to fields?
  2. What is determined by field permissions?
  3. Do all employee roles see these fields?
  4. What is the XML tag used for field permissions?
  5. Can you set different fields to be in the different performance review forms?
  6. What XML element defines each of the fields in a goal?
  7. What determines the order of fields in the goal plan and the goal edit window?
  8. How to add or delete or move goal fields in the Admin Center?
  9. What attributes of a field can you change in Manage Templates?
  10. What sub-elements does the <field-definition> element in XML have?
  11. What character limit has the state field?
  12. What data type can you use in the state field?
  13. What data type is used in tasks, targets, or milestones fields?
  14. What is configured with the <comment> field?
  15. Can the user edit the comments field?
  16. How to prepopulate a field?
  17. What attributes can you configure for the <field-description> element?
  18. What do you configure in order to make the field reportable?
  19. How to configure tasks in XML?
  20. Are custom fields allowed in tables?
  21. Can you display link fields in the performance form?


 All of my 62 practice questions are also here: https://youtu.be/L5T3MAL1Okw


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