How I passed the SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Q3 2016 Delta Exam

I received the email from the SAP on 31st of August (see image below)


In the first part of the email sent by the email address it is stated that I only need to pass the Delta Assessment Exam in SAP Learning Hub professional edition. More about the subscription fee for the professional edition of the SAP Learning hub can be found here.

First I did not notice this change and thought I will have to schedule another Delta Certification Exam again with a proctor on the SAP Certification Hub website. No, SAP SF announced during SuccessConnect 2016 that from September 2016 onwards the way to recertify will change. To pass the exam on the Learning Hub is now sufficient.



It was not easy for myself to quickly find the relevant delta course. I went to the Employee Central Learning Room.


I clicked on the menu item certification and then on Launch Q3 2016 Delta Training. This opened up the course which I could then assign to my active courses on the learning content page by clicking on the Assign to Me> button.

After assigning the course I then could open the course from my active courses list on the learning content page.


The course with the code E-Learning THR81D_EN_Col63 (rev.1 16/08/2016) consists of a power point file and the learning hub exam (see below).


The Power Point file has in total 30 pages. Of these 14 pages really contain the content. These are mainly the slides the describe the new feature. Once you have downloaded the PowerPoint file you do need to go back again into the Learning Hub. You can study the material offline.

For these slides I created myself again learning questions before I went to take the Delta Assessment Exam (see picture above).

Hope these questions are helpful to you as well when studying the material.

1)      What is important about the advanced features of the enable configurable UI for Position Management V12 Org Chart?

2)      What is the workflow ‘Respect Workflow at Copy Positions on Position Org Char’ used for?

3)      What does the feature Matrix Relationship Synchronization enable and what is the default setting?

4)      What can you see via Manage Workflow Requests and what are the prerequisites?

5)      What is Pagination on Pending Workflow Requests?

6)      Can the customer restrict import of job information and job relationships based on authorization?

7)      What is the benefit of the Locale Picker for File Based Imports feature?

8)      How many clicks do you need to get to any information in the improved navigation & discovery information interface?

9)      What is highly flexible now in the new Admin interface?

10)   What are the performance improvements for the People Profile UI?

Because I am working on a big project I only spent 5 minutes per day studying the material. I guess one can do it easily in 30 minutes or less.

On Friday, September 9th I took the assessment test and passed after my second attempt. It seems you can take the assessment several times in order to reach the 100%.


Well this is so much easier now. Hope you like it.

Happy Learning.

And there is more information about the Delta Exam from Chris Wilpert


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