How I passed the SAP SuccessFactors Compensation Q3 2016 Delta Exam

I went to the SAP Learning Hub into the Compensation Learning Room. In the Certification section I launched the Delta Course.


The course with the code E-Learning THR86D_EN_Col63 (rev.1 11/08/2016) consists of a pdf file and the learning hub exam.

For the pdf file I created again some learning questions before I went to take the Delta Assessment Exam.

Hope these questions are helpful to you as well when studying the material.

1) What can you use the Extend Spot Award for?

2) What are the prerequisites for the Extend Spot Awards?

3) What has changed in the redesign of the previous Award Screen?

4) What is the Name of the Label “off Cycle Rewards” now?

5) In which sections/elements were the Name of the Label changed?

5) What is the new option for customers who use Employee Central for Spot Award Eligibility?

6) What is the new way for customers who have Employee Central to manage eligibility?

7) How are the Employee Profile Ratings used for Compensation Planning?

8) Why do customers use the Employee Profile Ratings for Compensation Planning?

9) What are the prerequisites for Employee Profile Ratings used for Compensation Planning?

10) What rating sources are used?

11) How many ratings are used per field?

12) Can the PM Form and EP be selected together?

13) For what is it used?

14) What about dynamic relinking of new ratings?

15) What does Starting Point for Eligibility now allow for the plan template configuration?

16) Why is this important?

On Friday, November 18th I took the assessment test and passed after my first attempt. It seems you can take the assessment several times to reach the 100%.

It took me less than 30 minutes to go through the delta course and pass the test.

Happy Learning.


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