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List of Grassroot Media Organisations Used by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Mountbatten-Windsor

January 12, 2020

Meghan & Harry are developing a new communication channel. They have defined the framework of their media channels to be used in the future.


Grassroot Media Organisations:

How they are defining grassroot media is still open. It is a term that had traction a few years ago but since then has not been used widely. Grassroot media could be citizen journalism which is also know as  public journalism, participatory journalism, democratic journalism, guerrilla journalism, or street journalism.

People Voice Media

The media organisations have yet to be defined. One potential candidate could be People Voice Media, United Kingdom.

Instagram accounts

On their instagram @sussexroyal account they are following one account since the beginning of January 2020: Good News Movement @goodnews_movement founded by @michellemfigueroa(Boston).
They plan to follow a new account each month. Reference (Daily Mail)


Young up-and-coming journalists:

It will show in the coming months who will qualify for this category. So far I have seen Caroline Halleman covering this topic quite extensively for the Town & Country Magazine (USA) which is owned by Hearst.

Specialist media:


Credible meida outlets:


Own offical channels:

Their own official channel was created by Article an agency in Canada (Founder: Ryan Fox).

Instagram is their official channel which is owned by Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg).

Megxit – Result of Negotiations win-lose (Meghan/Harry) or lose-lose (Meghan/Harry)?

According to the official speech of Prince Harry :

The Royal Family

The Royal Family is using twitter: @RoyalFamily

Official Statements by the Sovereign (The Queen) are published here:

Lawyers supporting

libel lawyers Schillings

“proceedings in the high court over the misuse of private information, infringement of copyright and breach of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)” against Mail on Sunday reporting. See:


List of Free Online Education

January 9, 2012

Update No. 9: 12. January.2015

An excellent overview of more than 800 MOOC from various providers can be found at

Stanford:  (Certificate of attendance from professors but not Stanford). Additional certification with credits at German university ( Prof. Wolfram Burgard at the University of Freiburg! many international Universities accept such a certificate)
Other free classes at Stanford Engineering.
This course is now offered via udacity:

Free Courses from worldclass universities by Coursera –

Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT: (Certificate of attendance not from MIT) EdX is a not-for-profit enterprise of its founding partners Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

FutureLearn: 23 British Universities will offer free online MOOCs

Academic Earth:

Khan Academy: (K12 Education)

Salman Khan actually inspired the Udacity founders to offer a MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) in 2010.


The Open University Learning space (600 free courses also with credits): See Credit Accumulation and Transfer  scheme (CATS): (Remark: Can be transfered into ECTS)

Udemy: (free courses available not all) – I have started a free course myself:

Skillshare is a similar to Udemy. Most courses charge enrollment fees:

Lore is another type of plattform to create free online courses. The focus of this plattform is on the community and the social networking between students.

Coursites by Blackboard is another free web-based course platform to attend courses or setup your own.

YouTube Edu:
Video Lectures online from reknown universities and other sources such as BBC.

Ted- Ideas Worth Spreading:
The latest in key research projects, findings and insights in less than 20 Minutes introduced in a compelling speech supported by presentations and media. Great resource to learn new things in any academic field.

Free online learning resources:

Open Learning Initiative:

Learning English Video Lectures:

Online College Classes:

Alison (Over 300 Free Online classes at Certificate or Diploma Level:

Any other university, organisation, instititution offering free education ?

A very well structured and very extinsive list at – Hacking your Education by Dale J. Stephens:

Recommended Further Reading:
How Free Online Courses Are Changing the Tradional Liberal Arts Education

Learning should be your top 2013 new years resolution

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The Fastest Ways To Learn Any New Language

Continuous Social Learning Journeys – the new way to effective, efficient and free or cost efficient Learning and Education

January 7, 2012

I am exited by the potential of social learning.

First of all I have seen many examples where a group of learners is smarter about the topic to study than just the teacher alone.
Social learning also accelerates the personal learning and is more effective than self study alone. And it makes learning more sustainable.
If used with Web2.0 it can be turned into a continuous learning journey, where each learner can stay on the learning journey as long until the personal learning goal is reached. On top it is a highly flexible learning, where participants spend the time they can invest during the days, weeks, months as they wish.

I am just testing such a social learning environment in a free course on Linkedin Profile Best Practice at
This also offers me a practical way to learn and study more about social learning environments and journeys. It gives me first hand insight about learners using it and what works best and what does not.

Further Reading:

The Fastest Ways To Learn Any New Language

Learning in the cloud – learning from the cloud

June 20, 2011

Ever heard of cloudcourse ? It is an “open source” LMS from Google just released last year.

If you ever look for an interim LMS solution this might be worth a try.

More about cloudcourse:

And here are two live demo:

This most “famous” demo is currently not working:

The company cloudsource created the app “Course Director LMS” based on cloudcourse.
Two month free trial: More here

There is also a google group on cloudcourse.

Using open research as a method for social learning

January 14, 2011

My next speaking engagement will be titled:
Using open research method as one method of social learning on the basis of Google Docs by Peter Palme

It will be delivered on Saturday, 5th of February at 4 pm (EST) in the free online conference: Link to presentation
Integrating Technology for Active Life-long Learning
CO11 on IT4ALL Moodle & WiZiQFeb 4-6, 2011

The conference will be of interest to educators, administrators, students, and community members who value the importance of integrating technology into the curriculum to improve instruction and learning. Online learning involves various skills on the part of the instructor and learner. These include social and communication skills, social networking, independent learning strategies, critical and higher order thinking skills, creativity, and effective online and face-to-face facilitation. In addition, there are may challenges that the educators, administrators, students, and community members face.

In this presentation
An open research example on employee engagement that Peter created.

In this private research project, Peter shares the survey results with anyone who would like to use the data for his/her own analysis. The data is anonymous and there is a disclaimer on data privacy at the beginning of the survey.

My Learning Journey as manager of the Linked:HR EMEA group on Linkedin

July 6, 2010

These are my first few days as Group Manager of the Linked:HR EMEA group the largest HR group in this region on Linkedin. Linked:HR EMEA is the subgroup of the word largest Linkedin Group Linked:HR.

For quite some time I have to admit I was actually a non believer in social media. It took me some time to understand that this is a game changer in the way we work together in the future. My personal eye opener was in fact the book Wikinomics.

Learning from books and listening to others is not the best way I learn. I come from the school of action learning. Only by doing, trying and failing true learning happens. So what better opportunity could arise when I was asked by Lucy Cripps to take over the manager role in the Linked:HR EMEA group.

I have experimented a bit now with social learning. My best experience so far was with Toastmasters. This has changed my view on learning & development. Learning is social and happens best in a social setting.

While it is a hot humit summer evening I am sitting here and asking myself: What should I start doing, continue doing and stop doing as the new manager of this linkedin group. What would members expect from me, how could I best contribute to their learning and growth ? What is driving new members to join and participate, what will keep members engaged and what will turn them off ?

I am exited to be on this wonderful learning journey and I will be sharing my experience as I go along being the manager of a large international HR Linkedin Group.

What would you do if you were in my shoes ?

Best Youtube Videos for childrens to learn from ?!

June 8, 2010

There are so many excellent videos for learning on youtube. It is difficult though to make the selection all by myself. Therefore I invite you to enter your favourite youtube videos in the comment section below this post.
Below are some suggestions.

With our new ipad we spend half hour on the week-ends with our two children age 3 and 7 watching educational videos that fit to our conversations. They are interested in the cosmos and solar sytem, volcanos, rockets, cars, ….

I found an excellent video of a rocket flying into space. The video camera is outside of the rocket filming the whole journey from earth into space.

There is the ABC Song

The eruption of a volcano

Why papa was delayed on his last flight due to the eruption of a volcano in iceland

The current oil spill explained:

Best ways to learn to live a mobile connected life

October 27, 2009

How to get the most out of my time while mobile ? How to be more effective in the knowledge driven economy and maintain a healthy work-life balance ? How to best collaborate with my wife, family and friends and my professional networks ?

The centerpiece of my collaborative platform is the iPhone 3G.

I spent quite a bit of time driving, so basically in the first phase of my learning is the main focus on how to best collaborate and being effective while driving.

So far I have come with a list of tasks:

1)  Receive Calls: I use the the Sony Ericsson HCB-108 Bluetooth Car Handsfree (Silver)

2) Make calls through voice dialing

3) View Calendar and enter dates through Speech Control of the iphone Calendar. I would also need a larger display to view my calendar.

4) Navigation: Use the iphone and a larger display to have a navigation system available. Preferable connected with Google Maps.

5) Weather Forecasting: So I know what the situation will be in the next hours while driving

6) As I need several devices I will need a recharger for these devices.

7) Listen to music, live sports events, radio  and podcasts (example ) via iPhone and my car radio. Here I am looking at Griffin iTrip Auto FM Transmitter and Auto Charger for iPod (Black)

8 ) Receive the latest traffic data

9) Maintain common to do and shopping lists

As I am passionate about collective, collaborative and continuous learning I would appreciate any comments on what you would use the iPhone during driving to be more effective or what devices or software you would recommend to use to support the tasks listed above.

Key Learning from Toastmasters History

September 1, 2009

firstofficialtoastmastersclubThe Best way to share with you my key learning as Toastmasters is by looking at the history of Toastmasters

And I hope the history of Toastmasters will enlighten you to follow your vision – it all started small.

How did all start?

It began with one man who initiated Toastmasters and a few members and now Toastmasters has more than 500 000 members worldwide.

This is Dr. Ralph Smedley who had the idea of Toastmasters. Dr. Smedley was born in 1878 and graduated from Illionois Wesleyan University in Bloomington in 1903.

He became the Educational Director of the YMCA in Bloomington and realized soon that his young men had a need for speech training. And he also learned that with a speaking class, literary or debating society he would not attract them.

He settled on the idea of a social club meeting weekly devoted to practice in short speeches, debates and some work in chairmanship.

The first meeting was held on March, 24 1905. It started of with the dinner which was prepared by the participants and followed by speeches limited to 5 to 6 minutes. The subject was chosen by the speaker. Criticism was given by the older men and a critical discussion among the members, who also expressed their opinion. A rotation of duties for each meeting was established for members taking turns at presiding and speaking.

Very shortly the members noticed a prompt improvement in the speech and as well as in the leadership skills which spelled over into the other clubs at the YMCA

Key Learning’s:
1) Effective Learning is learning by doing and improving through continuous practice and evaluation in a social fun environment.

Why is the official birth date of Toastmasters is October 22, 1924 at the Santa Ana YMCA in California ?


Between Santa Ana and Bloomington Ralph Smedley moved several times to take on duties at other YMCAs. Each time he started a similar club, but as soon as he left, the club died down.

In Santa Ana he was approached by outside people who wanted to start a similar club. This led Ralph Smedley to write a manual on how to organize these kind of social learning events.

Toastmasters started to grow quickly as it was a simple idea put to work in a simple manner.

Key Learning’s:
2.) Easy to use (first principle) – a simple idea, put to work in a simple manner but if you want something to sustain you need to document it for others. Ralph Smedley also realized this when looking back in his biography.















Dr. Ralph in the 1920s

How did the Toastmasters System evolve?

It was only with the Toastmasters club number 15 in Santa Ana that a new feature the so called Table Topics which are impromptu speeches by members were introduced.

A few years later the first competent communicator curriculumn than called speechcraft was introduced.

Key Learning’s:
3.) Once the fundamental principles are there every else will follow. An idea never starts perfect !!!

The future of Toastmasters ?










This is the world headquarters of Toastmasters connecting now over 500 000 members world wide and growing.

When Dr. Smedley was asked why he never turned his idea into a profitable business, he replied: “I would rather be rich in friendship than in money”.

On June 11 we Toastmasters in DOW joined together in a virtual meeting. Most of Toastmasters in DOW realized that we are spending more and more of our time in virtual teams and meetings and therefore see the need to practice virtual communication and leadership and we can all do this by applying the principles laid by the founder of Toastmaster Dr. Ralph Smedly.

The Final Key Learning’s:
4.) Network your way to your dreams and visions and never stop learning and adapting to the changing environment.

Learning is effective when it is learning by doing and improving through continuous practice and evaluation in a social fun environment even if it virtual.

Furhter Reading:

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Nokia netbook ? Nokia netbook for learning online ?

August 25, 2009

Nokia just announced a Nokia netbook. Nokia netbook is a mobile windows pc. It is targeted towards business traveler and not students. It will be introduced at the Nokia World 09 in September.

Is the nokia netbook a good device for learning online ? We will see…

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