Continuous Learning & Development

Continuous change is part of our live. To be better prepared for change continuous learning & development is key to employability or earnability going forward.
My belief is that with creating worldwide more and more people with an income will contribute to a more stable world with less and less conflicts and more and more growth opportunities.

Leveraging continunous learning and development through collaboration is my passion. I want to connect to other people out there with the same passion as I have to help make a difference.

I recommend to read this paper: Seely Brown, John;Adler, Richard P.: “Minds on Fire – Open Education, the Long Tail, and Learning 2.0

Quotes on continuous learning:
Peter Senge has written extensively about the future importance of the learning organization. The learning organization will need to led by people who model continuous learning in their own day-to-day behavior. Thwo keys to learning are (1) effective listening and (2) reflection after asking for and receiving information.” Goldsmith, Marshall: Ask, Learn, Follow Up, and Grow ,Page 231, in The Drucker Foundation. The Leader of the Future, Jossey-Bass Publisher, 1996

“Knowledge is Power”, Sir Francis Bacon,1597.
Just imagine how much more knowledge has been created since Sir Francis Bacon wrote down these words…

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