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The Raspberry Pi as W-Lan AirPrint Print Server – Project

October 9, 2013

I have now a W-Lan Print Server for my home office and can print from different devices such as laptops and iphones and iPads on the only printer available.

I found this the most useful link:

SD Card 4 MB for Raspberry Pi

Debian/Raspbian Version 7 – Wheezy

Linux Print System CUPS (Common Unix Printing System)

Driver for Printer HP Color Laser Jet CM1312 MFP
Printer needs to have an USB interface

Thes steps below have worked well for me to setup up the Raspberry Pi as W-Lan Print server.

First of all once the Raspberry has booted up, you need to click on the Terminal icon. Once the terminal window is open I entered the below commands:

1. Update Raspberry PI Linux Version:
sudo apt-get update

2. sudo apt-get upgrade

3.sudo apt-get install foomatic-db

4. sudo apt-get install foomatic-db-engine

5. sudo apt-get install foomatic-filters

6. sudo apt-get install cups

7. sudo apt-get install cups-pdf

8. sudo apt-get install cupas-driver-gutenprint

9. sudo apt-get install hplip

10. sudo apt-get install pycups

11. sudo apt-get install python2

12. sudo apt-get install python-cups

14. sudo apt-get install avahi

15. sudo apt-get install avahi-daemon

16. sudo apt-get install avahi-discover

17. sudo apt-get install libnss-mdns

18. sudo usermod -a -G lpadmin pi

19. sudo /etc/init.d/cups start

20. sudo /etc/init.d/avahi-daemon start

21. sudo nano etc/cups/cupsd.conf

22. Make changes to the conf file according

23. Press CTRL+SHIFT+X

24. Press SHIFT+Y

25. Press Enter

26. sudo /etc/init.d/cups restart

27.Get IP Adress of Raspberry Pi: type ifconfig

Connect Printer via USB to Raspberry Pi USB Port

28. Go to another Computer and type in the browser: IP Adress of Raspberry

29. Select Adminstration Tab

30. Add Printer

31. username: pi  password: raspberry

32. Select Printer, etc.

33. Windows Add Printer:

34. iphone: Open an email and select the reply arrow and then print. I needed to select once my Printer HP_Color_Laserjet_CM1312_MFP and then press print button. It was dead easy for me compared to step 33 for setup of printer in Windows.

I am still researching on AirPrinter….

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List of Useful Resources for the Raspberry Pi – the Cheap Mini Computer for Kids

September 15, 2013

raspberry pi
Photo by: Clive Dara (Creative Commons)

Update 10: October, 15 2013

Project Examples:
The Raspberry Pi as a Wireless W-Lan Printserver or
a voice controlled roboter are a few examples of the many available on the internet:
8 Great Raspberry Projects Created by Kids – one of which includes Lego

Examples of Pictures taken with the Raspberry Pi and the Raspberry Pi Camera Board:

How to make a Raspberry Lego Robot (Andrew Oakley)

DIY Raspberry Pi Workshop for Kids | Steve On Java

Raspberry Pi as Supercomputer. Supercomputing for less than 4500 USD (64 processors and 1Tb of memory (16Gb SD cards for each Raspberry Pi)): How to see:

Eben Upton, Rob Mullins, Jack Lang and Alan Mycroft, based at the University of Cambridge’s Computer Laboratory had the idea for this cheap mini computers for kids to learn about computers.

One-Chip-System BCM 2835 by Broadcom with a 700-MHZ Processor ARM1176JZF-S and with 512 RAM. It includes an USB connection, HDMI Digital Video out and an Ethernet interface and for SD and MMC storage cards can be used.

More about the Raspberry Pi:
A more detailed specification with a picture of the one-chip-system:
Can be used with Scratch or Phyton:
Raspberry Pi for Dummies:
UK Teachers Created Free Educational Materials for the Raspberry Pi:
To download on PC:
Raspberry Pi User Guide:
Getting Started with Raspberry Pi:
How to setup the Raspberry PI ?
Unofficial Raspberry PI Manual:

Scratch and Raspberry Pi:
Scratch Controlling the GPIO Pins on a Raspberry Pi

Create a Fruit and Veg Interface

Line following Scratch/Raspberry Pi Robot using Infra-Red Line Sensors

Daily News, Projects and Ideas: The Raspberry Daily

Raspberry Pi Blogs:

Free Online Course (University of Cambridge) :
Building a Simple Raspberry Pi OS

On Reddit:
Raspberry Pi Forum by the Raspberry Pi Foundation

Coder – a simple way to make web stuff on the Raspberry Pi

Google+ Group:

Linkedin Groups:
Raspberry Pi Developers
Raspbery Pi Network


Amateur Radio Ops to discuss the Raspberry Pi and how it can be applied to Ham Radio

Computer and Parts:
Complete Starter Kit
Raspberry Pi Model B Revision 2.0 (512MB)
Raspberry PI Camera Board

Raspberry Pi User Guide
Kindle Edition: Raspberry Pi User Guide
Super Scratch Programming Adventure!
Raspberry Pi Home Automation with Arduino
Learn Raspberry Pi with Linux

Bitcoin Mania – Key Learning

March 27, 2013

The new Gold rush ? Bitcoin is going mainstream but probably most of us hardly understand this artificial unregulated electronic currency based on cryptography.

The Bitcoin Exchange – The Currency Hype:

The Price of a Bitcoin in USD:
In April 2012 the price for a bitcoin was 4.85 USD on March,28 2013 the price is at 93 USD. And on April 2nd, 2013 a Bitcoin trades at 105 USD per BTC (Bitcoin).
The volatility can be very high during a days trading. Low and heigh price can differ by as much as 20%.

Learning about the bitcoin currency – written by the inventor (only for the super geeks):

How the currency works?

“The steady addition of  a constant of amount of  new coins is analogeous to gold miners expanding resources to add gold to circulation. In this case, it is CPU time and electricity that is expended.”
The maximum amount of Bitcoins will be 21.5 Millionen by the year 2140. This is the mathematical boundary. At the moment it is at 10.5 Millionen BTCs. Creation of BTCs thus will constantly slow down.

Key in the setup of BTC is, that the user cannot spend the same BTC unit twice which would be like magically spending your 1 USD note twice at the same time. This setup of BTC makes it impossible to forge the currency, which is not the case for USD or other paper currencies.

Even though crypto keys are used and thus allow for some anonymity each transaction of BTC ever undertaken is stored in the so called Blockchain. Every user in the Peer to Peer Bitcoin Network has access to the blockchain. Some smart computer geeks could potentially uncover the person behind the transaction. To which destination BTC units are transmitted can be watched here live: Key destination seems to be SatoshiDice – a gambling platform.

Where can I keep the electronic currency Bitcoin ?

The electronic Wallet:
You need an electronic wallet to own, trade or recieve a bitcoin or portions of a coin. But which is the best to choose from ?

In principal a wallet is a personalized url – which is the address of your wallet.

03. April. 2013: Down on security issues- no transfers are accepted.
Disucssion on the situation at Reddit.
As soon as you type in your browser it will create an url for your wallet. The url starts with 1 and has then over 31 characters and numbers in random order. You wallet(“account”) is now opened but with 0 BTC deposit.
There are no additional costs – it is free.

How to protect your wallet ?
Additionally you have a key that you should not share with anyone. It is recommended that you do not keep it on a computer with internet access – rather on a usb stick. Best is probably to take a screenshot and save it as a picture.

Security: Additionally you should probably delete your browsing history and use a computer with a security internet protection. Also recommended is not to create a wallet when surfing in an internet cafe.

How transfer Bitcoins – make payments ?
On you can also transfer Bitcoins (BTC) to anothe electronic wallet. You have to type in the url of the electronic wallet you want to make a payment to and the amount. The minimum transfer amount is 0.01 BTC (Bitcoin).

Of course you can only make payments if you have BTC in your wallet. There is no overdraft as the electronic wallet is similar in principal to a true wallet with coins and paper money. Wallets
At this address you find different type of wallets:
Web wallets (example,
Mobile Wallets
Software Wallets
From a security standpoint recommends Software Wallets and does not recommend web wallets at all.

Can I customize my wallet (bitcoin) url so it is easier for people to remember or help them to avoid sending the money to the wrong url ?
Yes there is also a bitcoin url generator called vanitygen. Discussed in details here:  Instead of using a random url you can influence the url through vanitygen to use a certain pattern of your choosing at the beginning (example: 1boat or 1USA) when the url is created. I have not seen a 32 bitcoin url that was fully customized like 1SwitzerlandPeterPalmeBitcoinUrl..

Recommended Reading:
What is Bitcoin and What Can I Do with It ?

The Bitcoin Cryptography explained

Linkedin Group:

Bitcoin Mining:
Hashing Power hashes per second or hash rat
Measured in
H/s = Hashes per second
TH/s = Tera Hashes per second
PH/s = Peta Hashes per second

Bitcoin Mining with the Raspberry Pi:

Pool Operator
most keep the transaction fees

Transaction Fee https:/

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