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The Top Most Viewed Linkedin Profiles

February 12, 2013

Approximately 2 Millionen Users just received a message from Linkedin with the name and the message: “Your Name, congratulations! You have one of the top 1% most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012.” And probably you have seen messages on Twitter or Linkedin like: “Hurray! I Have One of the Top 1% most vied LinkedIn Profiles.”

If you want to know who are the top 10 Most Viewed Profiles on Linkedin – see List below.

There is one golden rule for views on Linkedin: The more views a profile gets the more likely this profile will generate a so called lead. A lead could be a proposal for a job, a proposal for a business or a partnership, or a new network contact that can open new doors, or an invitation to an event to present on your topic, etc. …

If you would like to get a feel who these top profiles are that made it into the Top 1% Most Viewed Profiles on Linkedin in 2012, I have compiled a list in slideshare presentation:
The top most viewed profiles on linkedin

I have created a Linkedin Benchmark survey with two questions to get a better feel how many views Your Linkedin Profile has compared to other Profile:
The Linkedin Profile Views Benchmark Survey

The Top 10 List of the Most Viewed Profiles on Linkedin:

1) Barack Obama: Current President of the United States of America.
526 270 Views in 2012. Reference

2) Wayne Breitbarth: Bestselling author, trainer and speaker on using Linkedin

3) Reid Hoffman: Co-founder of Linkedin

4) JD Gershbein: Expert on Social Branding for Linkedin Profiles

5) Jeff Weiner: CEO at Linkedin

6) Tim O’Reilly: Adviser at Code for Amercia

7) M. Taner Aktas: One of the top connected people on Linkedin and the first in the top 10 from outside the USA – he is from Turkey

8) Mike O’Neill: Speaker and Corporate B2B Linkedin Sales Trainer

9) Viveka von Rosen: Author of Wiley’s “Linkedin Marketing: Hour a Day”

10) Greig Wells: Jobsearch Sites

Further well-known Linkedin Users who are not in the top ten

11) Jason Alba: Author of “I’m on Linkedin – Now what”

88) Darren Rowse: Famous Blogger

How attractive is my Linkedin Profile – The Benchmark Study

August 11, 2009

Retweet This Page: Did you ever wanted to know how attractive your profile is compared to others. Here is the opportunity for you to do an anonymous benchmark against other linkedin profiles.

Please fill out these 6 questions anonymous survey.

After filling in the survey you will see the overall results and can benchmark your data against it. You will see for example if you appear in more or less search results than the average linkedin profile, etc.

Request the Benchmark Study
In this study you will find out:
What will be the impact of having more connections ?
How many views does an average linkedin profile get ?
The study will be send out on September 15th 2009 ?
How many searches do you have to appear in to receive more than 40 calls from recruiters in 6 months ?
Plus how to optimize your Linkedin SEO ?

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