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Is Linkedin helping you to find the next job or is it still a wishful thinking ?

March 4, 2011

I am asking myself this question after I have run some surveys. When I asked for the key purpose for being in Linkedin 38% wanted to attract a new job where 37% are there for networking. Link to survey.

When I asked the question on where you found your current job – dating back not more than three years: Link to survey.

53% found it through job search online (company website, job sites)

23% through professional networking (professional groups, colleagues)

and the rest through other classical channels.

What surprised me the most that none really none had attracted a new job via Linkedin.

What could be the reason ? Any success stories on your side that you can share ?

I read so much about strategies to find a new job via Linkedin and great advice but it seems the reality still looks different.

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Free Teaching Tools Web2.0

February 11, 2008

One of the best ways to learn is to teach it to others. Therefore I will be listing some free tools to use to teach virtually. This list is not complete. I will do some maintainance over the next couple of weeks as I am going to test the tools before listing them here.
It is up to you what tools you finally use to teach to others. I like to make teaching a rather engaging and action oriented process. There are a number of tools to support this:

1) Scheduling tools:
To schedule a synchronous activity such as a Webinar I like to use Doodle. This tool allows you to poll your audiences’ prefered date for a synchronous event.

2) Sensibilisation: (Pre Event or Post Event Activities)
I like to sensibilize my audience especially when I have some key slides for them.
Just the other day I polled one of my audiences after delivering an online presentation via Netmeeting with a free tool called: Kwiksurvey. During my presentation I had introduced a list of factors having an influence on successful leadership career development. In the poll I let the audience rate each factor’s influence. After a week I shared the results with them.
Another way to use the tool is to poll your audience before delivering a presentation or a training. I usually have one main question for each slide I am going to use in this kind of events. By letting the audience rate the importance of each question before I get a good glimpse on which will be the key questions and therefore the key slides for them.

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