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Gotthard tunnel traffic updates – the smart blog post

May 31, 2012

Live traffic updates: Gotthard tunnel traffic update Everyone talks about smart phones today. What about smart blog posts ? I am just testing this new idea of intelligent blog posts on It is not just a post on a blog with text and pictures.Iit also contains small little widgets. One widget for example  is showing all the twitter tweets with the hashtag #Gotthardtunnel. Additionally it displays  live webcams along the way and has a link to the google traffic map showing the area of the Gotthard tunnel motorway A2. Blog posts are easy to display on smart phones and won´t require any apps programming and downloading for the end user.  So drivers can easily get an update on how the traffic flow is towards the Gotthard tunnel and away. Other drivers can use the hastag #Gotthardtunnel to update on the traffic along the way. I can add at any time more and more  intelligence to the blog post as I go along. I just did. Now it includes a google news rss feed on the latest news on the Gotthard tunnel. Please see my example : Gotthard tunnel traffic update


Succeeding together in the online Time Exchange Network

June 28, 2009

Did you ever look for an expert or support but did not have the courage to ask or pay for it ? Did you ever look to practice your skills but did not find an opportunity to do so ? The online Time Exchange Networks offers you the opportunity to collaborate or partner on about anything you would need to succeed professionally or personally.

Your time is your currency that you can always trade.

Just a few examples to illustrate what the network will do for you ? Members can be mentors in their field of expertise: A member takes on a new role for example in HR which includes a new country. She or he contacts another member in the network who is working in HR in this country and recieves one hour of mentoring.  Members can be coaches: A member wants to apply for a nw position in a specific company. This member could identify a coach in the network who helps prepare the CV or the interview. Members could get advice from members on a presentation that they are preparing. Members could get help from members when they compile a business plan for their own business. Members could get input on a blog post or article they are writing. Members could lecture to other members or invite members to brainstorm on a certain subject. The opportunities to support or get help are almost unlimited.

How does it work ?
First of all there is no membership fee.
The minimum currency unit is the quarter. This is 15 minutes of your time. The next unit is the hour. You guessed it right this is 60 minutes of your time.
You start with zero time units on your time balance sheet. The maximum time you can collect is 25 hours and the maximum time you can withdraw is 25 hours. You need to spend or earn a minimum of 1 hour every three month (quarter). Over one year you should strive to have your time balance sheet at around 0 units. If you reach the upper limit of 25 hours or the lower limit of minus 25 hours on your balance sheet you need to either spend one hour or earn one hour in the next three month.

How do I join ?
Just become a member of any of the below networks

Yahoo Groups:
Google Groops:

On your website or profile just state that your are a member of the online Time Exchange Network and which of the above groups you have joined. You could also list what you will do for the members in the network with your time. My Example: Example:

How do I track my time – where do I keep my time balance sheet ?
You are your own master. You can track your time anywhere online – be in your blog or website or any other open visible place on the internet.
Indicate the time you have earned or spend and for what and whom you have spent it. And a piece of advise also track your key learnings out of every exchange you had. This will accelerate your learning tremendously.
For example you can track your time if you join the time exchange network on ning on your page:
My Example:

Integrity. Whatever you do respect the human rights and the code of conduct on the internet. Do not sell or advertise in the network or during your exchange. Do not ask for money or any additional favours that are beyond time. And do respect any code of conduct you have subsmited to at the company you work for. However we do not take any responsibilty for any wrong doings. It is your personal responsibility to respect the rules.
Please inform the network immediately on any issues on the ning platform:

For success stories, background information or advise visit my blog:
For short updates: Twitter:

This Time Exchange Network might be an idea for companies or organizations to setup a time exchange network internally.

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