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Best Education for Your Career ?

August 13, 2009

Retweet This Page This is one of the key questions my clients ask me as a Talent Manager. And this is probably one of the most difficult questions to answer.

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Over the many years of coaching, mentoring and faciliating training there is one key insight: When we join together in most of the business and management trainings we as the whole group know more than each of us. As a trainer I might have compared to each individual a deeper knowledge but compared to the whole group not. So key is not only the professor, the expert, but actually the exchange. Therefore one key aspect of choosing the right education should also answer the question is this the right network to join.

As an example if you want to grow in Human Resources where would you go ? I would go to Michigan where the best known experts in HR are located or join any of the local business schools like the ZFU in Switzerland where these experts will come to lecture.

Now if your path is CEO than Harvard or IMD should be on your radar whereas if you aspire to become a Vice President than Kellogg, Booth or Wharton should top your list.

To make things easier I have setup up a group on Linkedin: World’s Best Business Schools. Come and join to exchange. Together we are wiser than each of us alone.

The other option is to fill in this survey below:
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