List of Useful Resources for the Raspberry Pi – the Cheap Mini Computer for Kids

raspberry pi
Photo by: Clive Dara (Creative Commons)

Update 10: October, 15 2013

Project Examples:
The Raspberry Pi as a Wireless W-Lan Printserver or
a voice controlled roboter are a few examples of the many available on the internet:
8 Great Raspberry Projects Created by Kids – one of which includes Lego

Examples of Pictures taken with the Raspberry Pi and the Raspberry Pi Camera Board:

How to make a Raspberry Lego Robot (Andrew Oakley)

DIY Raspberry Pi Workshop for Kids | Steve On Java

Raspberry Pi as Supercomputer. Supercomputing for less than 4500 USD (64 processors and 1Tb of memory (16Gb SD cards for each Raspberry Pi)): How to see:

Eben Upton, Rob Mullins, Jack Lang and Alan Mycroft, based at the University of Cambridge’s Computer Laboratory had the idea for this cheap mini computers for kids to learn about computers.

One-Chip-System BCM 2835 by Broadcom with a 700-MHZ Processor ARM1176JZF-S and with 512 RAM. It includes an USB connection, HDMI Digital Video out and an Ethernet interface and for SD and MMC storage cards can be used.

More about the Raspberry Pi:
A more detailed specification with a picture of the one-chip-system:
Can be used with Scratch or Phyton:
Raspberry Pi for Dummies:
UK Teachers Created Free Educational Materials for the Raspberry Pi:
To download on PC:
Raspberry Pi User Guide:
Getting Started with Raspberry Pi:
How to setup the Raspberry PI ?
Unofficial Raspberry PI Manual:

Scratch and Raspberry Pi:
Scratch Controlling the GPIO Pins on a Raspberry Pi

Create a Fruit and Veg Interface

Line following Scratch/Raspberry Pi Robot using Infra-Red Line Sensors

Daily News, Projects and Ideas: The Raspberry Daily

Raspberry Pi Blogs:

Free Online Course (University of Cambridge) :
Building a Simple Raspberry Pi OS

On Reddit:
Raspberry Pi Forum by the Raspberry Pi Foundation

Coder – a simple way to make web stuff on the Raspberry Pi

Google+ Group:

Linkedin Groups:
Raspberry Pi Developers
Raspbery Pi Network


Amateur Radio Ops to discuss the Raspberry Pi and how it can be applied to Ham Radio

Computer and Parts:
Complete Starter Kit
Raspberry Pi Model B Revision 2.0 (512MB)
Raspberry PI Camera Board

Raspberry Pi User Guide
Kindle Edition: Raspberry Pi User Guide
Super Scratch Programming Adventure!
Raspberry Pi Home Automation with Arduino
Learn Raspberry Pi with Linux

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