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Lead and be led – “Thought Leadership Meets Business” by Peter Lorange

December 18, 2009

I am just reading Peter Lorange’s book on Thought Leadership Meets Business – How business schools can become more successful. 
What applies to business schools can be applied to many other formal learning organisations and learning interventions. In the following some very interseting quotes I collected in this book:

“Many business school professors and leaders, as well as the adminstrative staff that support them, feel the conflict between the “old” ways of creating academic value, based on disciplines and set axioms, and the “new” ways of ccreating academic value, where professors and practitioners work together in a give-and-take mode, as learning partners. However, it is probably the new mode of academci value-creation – a “lead and be led” mode – that is the most likely to prevail.” Preface XIV

“The challenge for business schools is to create value for their learning partners by establishing the critical link between real-life issues and research-based management insights. While this viewpoint may be quite commonplace nowadays, it is still rare to find schools that do it well. Too often, even those schools with the best intentions have failed to translate their ambitions into action. They frequently treat the teaching of executives as one way-process, talking “to them” rather than “with them”. They have not grasped how to deliver their research findings in more meaningful and interesting ways so that practicing managers can internalize tehm and apply them to their real-world situations. And they do not see the critical two-way link between research and teaching where academcis and learning partners enrich one another’s understanding – one must “lead and be led”, be ” in front of the cart and behind it!” This applies to academics and practitioners alike. ” Page 2

Reference: Peter Lorange:
Thought Leadership Meets Business: How business schools can become more successful 
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