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Accelerating New Business Development Through Talent Management

October 22, 2010

New Business Development is at the heart of most company strategies these days. Failing on it means totally failing the company over time.   In an ever changing increasingly competitive environment new business development is key in driving growth and capturing new markets and market segments as they arise . One key aspect in accelerating new business development is the people factor. How to attract, manage, motivate, reward, retain and develop these increasingly critical talents ?

Dieter Herzog, Global Portfolio Leader Ventures & Busienss Development Dow Chemical and Peter Palme, Head of Learning & Development EAME Syngenta discuss the best approach of Talent Management to accelerate new business development within a company in the recently published book “Erfolgreiches Management”, Berndt, Ralph (editor), Springer and Lorange Institute of Business Zürich.
To read book/article online. Link.

The book contains several articles on a number of differnt related topics in English.

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